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  • http://www.alphaphysio.com.au/about-us/scott-hewett-physiotherapist/ Scott Hewett - Physiotherapist - Alpha Physio - Scott Hewett - Alpha Physio - Scott Hewett is the owner and primary physiotherapist at Alpha Physio. His qualifications include a Diploma of Physiotherapy
  • http://www.alphaphysio.com.au/about-us/simon-beagley-physiotherapist/ Simon Beagley - Physiotherapist - Alpha Physio - Simon Beagley - Alpha Physio - Simon Beagley completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2013 at the University of Queensland.
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  • BethBV - Not for Kindle Fire 8.9"

    As another reviewer noted, this is NOT suitable for the 8.9" Kindle Fire. The text is not where it belongs on the pages and is entirely unreadable. I was really looking forward to going through this with my daughter (we both love browsing the Guinness Book of World Records!). Unfortunately this isn't going to work out for us.

  • Sue Towell - My have to have styling product

    I have used this for years and its the best. A little goes a long way for my short, thick, wavy hair so this jar will last me a long time. There is a residue if not shampooing everyday but it brushes out pretty easily. I am so happy to be able to purchase this product on Amazon as I have been paying $28 a jar for this very same Kenra texturizing taffy.

  • Bruce Bettinger - It fit very comfortably, and I am happy I did

    I knew ahead of time from reading reviews that this product would be a little snug so I bought a size larger than what was indicated on a sizing chart I found online. It fit very comfortably, and I am happy I did. Although I have only used them once so far, these gloves were great for the Texas summer heat, breathed well but still offered the protection of a full finger glove. I did not realize when purchasing these that the padding was less than what I was used to in the palm, but I do not think it will take long to adjust to using a slightly looser grip. Overall, very happy with the fell and look of these gloves.

  • Genetic Roadkill - RoC Night Cream

    RoC is my favorite beauty company, due to its' reputation, price, and results. I'm in my mid-fifties and have used RoC products since my mid-thirties. I live in Southern California and enjoy the outdoors. I think my face and neck look good, not beautiful, and healthy. I use RoC night cream in one version or another, each night on my face and also on my hands. You can't beat it for the price.