Alternative Depression Therapy - Ben Schwarcz, MFT - Psychotherapy & Meditation - Alternative Depression Therapy: Understanding holistic, alternative and complementary treaments. Learn about psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, and self-help for depression and bipolar disorder....

  • Santa Rosa Psychotherapist Ben Schwarcz, MFT - Santa Rosa Psychotherapist: Ben Schwarcz, MFT. Treatment for relationship problems, depression, anxiety, trauma and, bipolar disorder. Psychotherapy, meditation instruction & Kriya Yoga
  • Energy Coaching - Energy Coaching is a powerful method of guiding you to achieve peak performance, health and vitality, and financial success through the skillful application of energy psychology techniques.
  • infertility treatment in santa rosa - infertility treatment in santa rosa: Acupuncture and Meridian-Based treatments (Tapping) can address both the physical as well as emotional aspects of infertility.
  • Transpersonal Therapy - Transpersonal therapy most often refers to a branch of psychotherapy that views the individual identity primarily as a Soul. The personality or ego, as well as the body are but superficial layers...
  • Guided Meditation for Depression - Guided Meditation for Depression, healing, deep relaxation and insight. No meditation experience required. Give yourself the gift of peace.
  • Energy Psychology Research - Energy Psychology research results have been published in more than 15 different peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Clinical Psychology
  • Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression - Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression: Tapping into Joy - an eBook to lead you out of depression and into a state of natural vitality, peace and joy
  • Santa Rosa PTSD Treatment - Santa Rosa PTSD Treatment: Fast, Safe, Effective, Drug-Free treatment for PTSD. All Iraq War Veterans are welcome
  • EFT-by-Phone - EFT-by-Phone is an energy healing method that is convenient yet just as powerful as in person. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), sometimes called
  • Meridian Tapping - meridian tapping includes EFT, Energy Tapping and other variations of the rapid healing and self-help method of utilizing energy points on the body to balance and calm the nervous system....
  • EFT Technique: The Basic Recipe - The EFT Technique is easy to learn and apply to yourself right away. Energy Psychology, and particularly EFT requires the correct procedures to be effective, but the basics can be learned quickly
  • Tapping Webinars - Tapping Webinars: Unlimited Possibilities - Weekly webinars to boost your success, release your bariers and tap into your true potential
  • mania or spiritual awakening - Bipolar mania or spiritual awakening? This is a common question, and one with profound importance. Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Industry are deeply invested in the disease model of extreme states
  • Depression Self-Help: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques for Transformation - Depression Self-Help: User-Friendly Concepts, Tools, and Techniques for Transformation. Find yourSelf...
  • Holistic Treatment for Depression - Alternative and Complimentary Medicine for Depression: Holistic Treatment for Depression that your doctor probably wont tell you about.
  • Adolescent Depression Treatment - Adolescence is one of the most confusing and turbulent stages of life. Teen suicide is rampant in America. Adolescent depression treatment offers a solution...
  • Yoga for Depression - Yoga for depression, anxiety and stress. Overview of types of yoga and meditation. Details about the types used in my therapy practice.
  • Mindfulness Meditation Technique - Mindfulness Meditation Technique: Instruction in the art of stillness. Meditation is the most powerful therapy available, and is easy to learn if you are dedicated to your personal healing....
  • Lucid Dreaming Technique: Conscious Dreams - Lucid Dreaming Technique: Learning to gain conscious awareness while dreaming, and guided dream work, help to deepen the therapeutic process of self discovery and insight.
  • Drumming Therapy: Healing Through Rhythm and Sound - Drumming Therapy taps into layers of the mind and body that other modalities cannot. Repetitive drumming changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm and focused awareness.
  • Heart-Openers - Heart-Openers to ReAwaken the Soul and put you back in touch with Humanity as your larger Self
  • Alternative Therapy Blog - Alternative and Holistic treatments for depression, bipolar disorder, stress, and anxiety. Mindfulness, Yoga, EFT Tapping and Energy Psychology techniques for personal transformation.

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  • James O. Wall JR. - DampRid

    I use "DampRid" in my gun closet and it is proving to be exactly what I was looking for ; I live in a place with high humidity and this product has been keeping the humidity down considerably which of coarse keeps my stress down about red rust manifesting on my guns ; a lot of people clean their guns and then rap them in a "cloth" material which , of coarse , collects moister and will start red rust on their guns within a week or so ; Before "DampRid" , I would want to clean all my guns with silicone,WD 40 or Teflon very often ; now I don't have to worry about the rust on my guns with DampRid and "that" is very reassuring .

  • Treycie - and is nothing like this item shown

    This item is not at all as pictured here....rather it is a large bulky belt which is impossible to use on legs/arms...and is nothing like this item shown.

  • George Wey - ViSalus Shape Kit

    Good product so far, they have different "Kits" for different duration of dieting. The ViSalus Shape Kit was reasonably priced and the duration of the diet plan would get the ball rolling as this is a 30 day kit (2 shakes a day).

  • AMZ Customer - bright, fun and great fit for all day

    My son loves his new shoes. He jumps and runs all day long in them and loves the lights. These shoes fit great and are easy to put on. We get compliments all the time on how bright they are.