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  • Amazon Customer - The gloves were what I ordered, arrived when expected ...

    The gloves were what I ordered, arrived when expected - the color was a little off from what I was expecting - more of a peach than a light pink but my girl loves them just the same.

  • Alberto Caputo - garbage, not enough insulation

    garbage, not enough insulation, very thin, they call it hi loft but is as very little down. Not worth the money, patagonia days are over, great quality thing of the past.

  • Charlene D. Wharton - Great look for the price

    My son had me order this for him. I watched him put it on. The instructions were easy to follow and it did not take more than 15 minutes in all.

  • zakir sadiki - ... wat these other people are talking about box is excellent, well designed fit perfectly in my 05 dodge ...

    Idk wat these other people are talking about box is excellent, well designed fit perfectly in my 05 dodge ram. My championship series 10s were a little tight but didn't have to modify, slipped right in after u find the right position

  • Theresa - Much Better Options Out There...

    I paid $150 for this item when it was brand new on the market. I've had it for 2 or so years now, and can tell you almost immediately I wasn't happy with the purchase. For starters, it's heavy. I bought it for a small kid, so I was not happy that it weighed so much. It crashes CONSTANTLY. And it's SOOO SLOW to try and load anything. To the point that you just want to turn it off and not bother. Not to mention, the games are $25 on average a piece! They do have some less expensive games, but they're not fun or entertaining. It's so expensive, and not worth the money at all. Now having it for 2 or so years, it is still working - but it's been used very lightly b/c my daughter, while she liked the leap games, wasn't getting a huge variety b/c of the cost... which caused her to get bored with it. She'll hop on still every once in a while to go onto the online kid videos, but that's it, (she's 5). I bought an Amazon kindle fire that allows learning apps for far cheaper, and includes netflix. Of which she loves! You can't add apps to this leap pad. The only positive I have on this aside from the fact that the learning games (expensive ones at least) are nice, is that it is nice to be only kid friendly. I don't have to worry about her getting onto something that's inappropriate. I wouldn't recommend this product to be honest though. Far better options out there.

  • Kay Bennett - Good for long, thick hair like my daughters

    I purchased this product for my daughter because she has tremendous amounts of hair and she does not like to take the time to flat iron. I thought this would be easier for her, but she said that her hair was still fluffy on the ends. I did not try it out myself because I felt I did not have enough hair . It does heat up quickly, but the back of it gets hot that is the only problem. I think once my daughter takes the time with it this brush will do just fine for her.