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Country:, Europe, SE

City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • Walker Shaw - Nice inexpensive backback

    It was on sale at a huge discount. I bought it to pack with supplies and give away as part of a church initiative. It work great.

  • K. Swenson - I have a Navien tankless hot water heater I bought in 09

    The thing is a total pile of junk and what is even worse is the company knows it is junk. it does not matter what heater you buy when the company will not back a known defective product. I have over 500 in plumber fees. This company should be made to replace all their defective units at their cost like an automobile manufacture would have too. I have had an elbow split leaking water all over my attic. The flow sensor has to be cleaned every month it seems. I literally have issues with this unit at least once a month. My best advice to anyone thinking of buying a Navien product is to not to.

  • Larry G. Livesay - Street tires only

    The only thing negative about this jeep is you can't lift it and there is no all terrain tires made for it. These two things were important to me...who ever heard of a four wheel drive that you couldn't put off road tires on!

  • Katie Miller - Thank you!!!

    Thank you for having this album, it along with the quarters I now have a complete collection of minted quarters thorough 1965. Again I want to say Thank You, Katie

  • Edward J. Schreiner - Works like a charm

    Works like a charm. I don't have any burning issues and don't see any blue smoke coming out of my tailpipe.

  • claydod - great product

    I found this product by a simple google search and have been using breath appeal for almost a year now. The product actually works and does so quickly. Most of my work is done interacting with people so fresh breath is a must.

  • daniel walker - 2002 dodge ram

    Looks great sounds amazing in 2002 ram got this box in just 2 weeks much faster than what I was expecting