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  • Dale - like what happens when you use a french press

    I have to admit that I bought this because it was cheap and I prefer steep my coffee, like what happens when you use a french press. I suppose this works as expected, but water actually drains too slowly for my application and I wish the pocket was a bit deeper for use with my travel mugs. On the bright side, cleanup is easy. So far my favorite is the Kuhn Ricon Single Cup Easy Brew.

  • Brandon - Didn't get the three free games

    Bought the ultimate edition digital code for my pc downloaded fine plays fine but didn't recieve the three free games that its suppose to come with had this game since october 10th

  • Alice - Always my first choice for Euro travel.

    Rick never disappoints, found a few tips that paid for the book. Maps are good. My only advisory is make sure this book covers the areas that you're going to visit, because Rick doesn't cover every area - just his picks.

  • smedheat - I have used your other stop leak products in the past with great success. Recently

    I have a leaky radiator. I have used your other stop leak products in the past with great success. Recently, I had a thermostat replaced and accidentally allowed the Toyota service center mechanic to flush the entire cooling system. Big mistake. My overheating engine situation was instantly made much worse! Rather than turn around and purchase a new HEAD GASKET for my 20 year old Toyota Camry, (as Toyota customer service recommended without even looking at the head gasket) I decided to try 1/3 a bottle of Liquid Aluminum. I then topped off the radiator and coolant reservoir. I let the car idle for 10 minutes or so. I even revved the engine a few times and ran the A/C. Only time will tell, but the car shows improvement already. It only ran slightly above normal operating temp before immediately cooling down to exactly normal. It has overheated during idle before using Liquid Aluminum. Even if this application of the product does not work long term, I will have myself to blame for letting a mechanic flush out a Bars-treated coolant system that was holding fluids pretty darn well.

  • kanter - Fabulous!

    Living in St.Louis and being a Cardinal fan all my life, I didn't think any DVD could do the Card's 2011 season justice. But, I couldn't pass up the chance to check it out.

  • cadkins19191 - but just starting to prepare for the PCAT and I'm really satisfied with my purchase

    Got this a couple months ago, but just starting to prepare for the PCAT and I'm really satisfied with my purchase. Thank you so much!

  • M F Pierce - My Best Friends Swears By It.

    I tried it for several months, in that time my vision improved. I looked forward to drinking the mix. It's very green and that can be off putting but it tastes a bit like green tea and that was appealing. My only problem is the cost. If it was available at say half it's current price I think I'ld be a believer, but this price is just too steep.