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Country:, South America, AR

City: -58.3816 Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina

  • Nelusha Abbeyward - Black as black can be right now

    initially when i bought this i wasnt expecting a lot. So my hair was already damaged, my old highlights were turning brassy and i just dont have the time for retouch ups and all. so i went with jet black. I also thought the highlighted hair might not all be one toned black color but boy was i wrong. My entire hair now is all evenly black and i love it! One bottle was just enough for my medium length hair so if you have longer i suggest to buy another one.

  • sharon - This stuff is a miracle

    I've always loved this product. With three dogs and 17 year old cat - accidents happen!!!! But with this, the smell is gone. The price was great so had to order it since I use it a lot because it works!

  • IWAU - Disappointed

    I ordered the Quicken Home & Business 2010 thinking it was the manual but it turned out to be the software. It was not boxed and was in a CD cover only. I returned it right away because that was not what I needed and I didn't get a full refund.

  • Steve - Sage peachtree stinks!

    I never would have bought this software if I'd known the company would be harassing me every 15 minutes to buy an upgrade. They are a real pain in the butt.

  • Edward Paolo - Width - arch - ankle support is good

    Width seems good. Arch and ankle support also seems good. A little uncomfortable around the collar of the boot - hope that will abide .

  • Spencer - Somewhat Works

    This made a hair test come back as inconclusive but hair was not washed at the testing site so could be because of toxicity purposes.

  • Crane Sandston - Endeavor to persevere

    This program interested me not because of the JAP on TV, but because I really needed help, or thought I did. If you have any degree of logical thought, and can discipline yourself to do what is right for the child, then you do not need this program. It is for people who never learned the differences between right & wrong, and never had to pay any consequences themselves, therefore they cannot communicate with their children about right & wrong or consequences. If you have any common sense, you do not need this. It was a waste of money.