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  • acerf - Incomparable

    Mario Batali, famed chef and (groan, if true) taker of tips from wait staff, may have his own line of cookware but uses Le Creuset on various shows - including his own when he had (a show). That should say something.

  • Lkretz - Worked like a charm

    This stuff will get rid of any little creatures you don't want around. And it didn't leave a residue.

  • R. Saling - Way better and less expensive product out there

    After reading through all of the hype, and seeing the outragious cost of this product, there is a single book that will provide the same thing for a lot less money. It is called "Positive Disipline". The so called secret boils down to setting consequences for the negative behavior and making sure that BOTH parents are consistant with the practice. I bought this book and saw dramatic improvements with my 3 young children, once my wife and I were given the tools from this one inexpensive book.

  • Gilly - Works fine

    I have had issues with other Virabac products, but this one works fine. My Shih Tzus fur was looking kind of greasy a few days after a shampoo. This has fixed that problem.