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  • Pauline Metzger-aronson - product review

    I sometimes have a hard time purchasing it because it seems to fly off the shelf-so I bought a whole case from Amazom. I love this stuff and cannot go to bed without it..Buy it you won't regret it.

  • CustomerCritique - Never gets hot

    This never gets hot enough to cook anything. You have to let it warm up for 10 minutes just to use it. The warm feature doesn't keep things warm either. I am sorry I chose this one, and I will have to buy another one and stick this one in the trash where it belongs.

  • Claire - expensive but good

    works great on asphalt roofs!! easy to use with a pump sprayer. this was a little pricey as I had purchased 2 - 1 gallon bottles at a box store earlier this year for the same price.

  • James Robert Brock - These are great, despite the bad reviews on some of the ...

    These are great, despite the bad reviews on some of the buyers, I was in a town that required total noise reduction and I just closed the damper....opened it up when I left and it was great. Sure the stainless is not as bright as chrome but it looks good anyway.