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  • A. Trotter - Seems to work for me

    So I've spent the past 2 years in an enviroment that got me thouroughly sick on a regular basis, and I'm now intimately familiar with the progression of irritating bugs and viruses in my body. Went home for a visit, complained about being sick all the time; my mother-in-law raved about this stuff. Whole family was there for the holidays (mostly in the one house) and fighting off a bug, I fully expected to get whatever it was as per the past couple years - I was not terrifically enthusiastic about trying a vitamin supliment instead of the usual but I like her so I tried it. I never did get sick, despite living in a house packed full of coughing, runny-nosed family. It was sort of a nice surprise. So for the past couple months, every time I get the start of a fever or the icky feeling that being sick gives me, I've popped one of these into a glass - and it goes away. It's been really nice not getting sick so much.

  • Marcia R Funnell - Fast Talking Scam Artists!

    Avoid this place at all costs! I had the misfortune of going in their salon in Key West and ended up purchasing merchandise before I realized what I had sone. The salesman, Nicholas, was very aggressive, talked extremely fast with an accent and I fell for his pitch. After thought, I called to tell him not to ship the product, but to refund my credit card and he refused even though he told me that I could return everything if I didn't like it. He is a LIAR. If I could do a rating lower than 1, I would.

  • Good Man named Mike - It works, what can I say. Better than you expect it to be, for sure!

    Have a teenager who was sick as a dog. Red eyes, coughing, runny nose, etc. The only thing he did was rub this on the bottom of his feet and put socks on and went to bed. 2 days later 100% cured. He swears by this. No other cough syrups, tablets or anything else needed.

  • Amazon Customer - Wonderful product! I use this as the primary de-chlorinator ...

    Wonderful product! I use this as the primary de-chlorinator for our 40 Breeder tank. Alternately I use API Stress Coat for rinse water after bleaching rocks/plants - the API Stress Coat is about half the price and I can really dose the rinse water to ensure that rocks/plants are chlorine-free before putting them back in the aquarium. Seachem Prime is what I reach for when I do regular water changes, however. Great product, and a staple in my aquarium supplies.

  • MReader - Not a fan. Have used HR Block and Turbo ...

    Not a fan. Have used HR Block and Turbo Tax in the past. This does not compare to them. It is clunky and harder to use. It did not work to import previous years PDF files. Had to look for some items and am getting a unkown tax and on my form that I cannot find the source and did not come up in their check. I will not use again.

  • Ms. Lips1955 - love it...

    Wonderful, works just like they said. My mom in over 81, chronic pain all her life, curvature of spine, one leg shorter, Arthritis; etc. Using this has given her some relief... and other family members too.