American Therapeutic Recreation Association - The American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) is the largest national membership organization representing the interests and needs of recreational therapists. Recreational therapists are healthcare providers who use recreational therapy interventions for improved functioning of individuals with illness or disabling conditions. ATRA was incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1984 as a non-profit, grassroots organization in response to growing concern about the dramatic changes in the healthcare industry. As a result of this response, ATRA has grown from a membership of sixty individuals in June 1984 to over 2,200 in 2013.

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  • R. Shepard - Decent Product for the Money. Gets the job done.

    Not totally in love with this but we have been using H&R Block for so long we can't change. We used to use TurboTax many years ago. It gets the job done but sometimes you have to do some legwork to make the numbers add up correctly.

  • Amazon Customer - Hands Free Indeed

    Hands Free - Far better that any alternative. First I read most love it, some hate it. If you have an injury, and need to heal, NOTHING will speed that up, or solve all your issues. But if you have had, or are currently are having issues using crutches, wow, this thing is great. I bought it for my wife, who just had sugury. She cannot put weight on her foot for a few more weeks, has used crutches, used them the first day, and already had pain, hated them once again. I made her watch the online training videos first before I ordered it. She thought it looked worth a shot, and crutches were not good option, neither was a walker, or the 4 wheeled scooter you kneel on. So it came the day she got out of the hospital. Watching the videos, rather than reading the booklet that came with it, made assembly and adjustment easy, for me that is, I am sure many people are just not technical or mechanical, but I found the videos excellent. I made her watch the adjustment video and practice video, multiple times. Well done. The day after surgury, already frustrated with crutches, she gave it a try. I made the inital adjustments for her, then she played with fine tuning it all day, and practiced getting in and out of it. Sure is doesnt take 5 seconds, like picking up a crutch, but she has it down to less than a minute, in or out. Right from the start she loved it. She rapidly got proficient with it, and it has given a far better quality to her mobility now than any of the alternatives. Look, the bottom line is not everyone has the patience or aptitude to learn something new, but this was worth a shot, and I am glad I found it. She goes to see her surgeon in a week. I showed him pictures in the hospital post op. He really wants to see it, when he sees her in a week. He just went through a broken ankle himself, and thought it look inovative. I will update this with his comments later. But thus far, excellent.

  • MsAshley Nichole - I LOVE THE GODFREY BROTHERS!!!

    This series was everything...Mayhem was Bae but I like Ramsey too now he crazy lol..I love the way they love and respect their mother and how she didn't bite her tongue when it came to her boys. I am praying one of the brothers get their own book I need more of them

  • Elizabeth - Sketchy Business Practices

    I've taken the product for a couple of years, and I used to get the amount of pills that I could use, moderated by my salesrep. Sometimes I cannot take all of these pills, so she would hold off the shipment for a few weeks. Suddenly, that stopped. The pills just keep on coming, and coming, and coming. Interestingly, my other family members started taking them too, but we still wound up with a backlog of six "sets" of pill bottles. So I called Juice Plus directly to close the account. At least for a while. I had authorized direct billing to my Visa card for a couple years, without a hitch, I have good credit. Suddenly we started getting phone calls constantly from a collection agency on my answer machine, which I figured was some scam, since I have great credit and no outstanding bills. Then I get a bill in the mail from a collection agency, and I call them to figure out whats going on. They said my visa card billing wasn't accepted, they were using a number of a card that I don't even have anymore, but I've been receiving bills on the current visa card. I don't know what happened, but I paid the bill right away, and I am extremely pissed off that Juice Plus went directly to a collection service instead of contacting my sales rep, or me, about whatever glitch they had. Even though I like the product, it is highly unlikely that I will ever sign up for their automatic pill delivery and billing, ever again. There are no communications or controls.

  • Allen Cain - Not exactly TURBO

    I have used Turbo Tax for years only because I use QuickBooks in my business and it gets the job done. However, be warned that when you upgrade QuickBooks you cannot go back and do a revised return from a prior year as the data will not import. Also, even though I put a lot of effort into "tax mapping" in QuickBooks I seem to always have to tweak the data in TurboTax so be careful, watch what you are doing and it will get the job done.