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  • Fran - not just for regular dry skin

    I am going through radiation treatments for breast cancer. My doc first gave me a greasy ointment, aquaphor, a vasaline type product. But he said I could try a cream, and after trying other samples I discovered Gold Bond Ultimate. OMG, it WORKED! It is cool and healing and the most wonderful product I have tried. I need to shower it off before I get the treatment, and then as soon as I get home I slather it on a few times a day and before bedtime. It softened the burned skin right away. Its been wonderful. Not sure if I will be able to use it if my burns start to blister, but the doc said it might help speed the healing and prevent the skin from drying too much during the last weeks of radiation. Wish the american cancer society had suggested this and not make us going through suffering this painful treatment side effect, when there is a product like this available, over the counter, not a prescription. Anyone else use it for this?

  • John T - Very Frustrating

    We had quickbooks 2008 with intuit cloud backup, hard drive failed. Tried to access backup and found intuit only saves backup for seven days. Paid $1500 for hard drive recovery and updated to quickbooks 2013. The new version deleted the old version and failed to install. Tech support blames the problem on Microsoft, but microsoft frame installation seems to be fine.

  • Anne L Sparks - Idol lash

    I've been using it for about a month, and have seen no difference at all. Prior to this product I used Latisse and saw a difference after a month. The product says you should see a difference in 90 days, so I'll give it the 90 days to see what happens

  • Amazon Customer - Works As Advertised (2008 Acadia)

    Arrived in about 3 days: great price, great results, a snap to install. -- just screw it in and tune your radio.

  • Angie A - Brush works ok, depends on your hair type, thin highlighted hair still needs flat iron on ends

    Just got the brush yesterday, it works fine does straighten the hair, but i personaly find that the flat iron works best especially at the ends the brush left them a little frizzy no matter how many times i brushed them. I have highlighted thin hair. I'll still use it just to combe the hair out in the morning.

  • K. Boswell - Unbeatable value, if you get it on sale

    I purchased this set roughly four years ago, possibly longer, and it still looks relatively new. I think they'll last as long as I want them around. They're feather light and the nonstick still performs flawlessly. The thermospot seems a gimmick, I don't need a spot to tell me when the pan is hot, but it does work, which is admittedly cool. The light weight of these pans make cleanup a snap, and heat spreads quickly and evenly.