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  • http://www.avmed.in/2015/11/aerospace-medicine-international/ AerospaceMedicineInternational | Aviation Medicine :: Aerospace Medicine - Announcing the launch of a voluntary organisation to work towards aviation safety in a collaborative manner.
  • http://www.avmed.in/2013/03/not-black-hawk-down-helicopter-crash-part-4/ Not Black Hawk Down! Helicopter Crash – Part 4 | Aviation Medicine :: Aerospace Medicine - Role of Aviation Medicine in accident investigation and accident prevention in respect of helicopter flying for emergency services or offshore assignments.
  • http://www.avmed.in/2011/06/say-no-to-self-medication-beware-of-effects-of-drugs/ Say NO! To Self-Medication: Beware of Effects of Drugs | Aviation Medicine :: Aerospace Medicine - Aviation Medicine, as sub-branch of occupational health, specifically in the domain of pharmacology for prevention of self-medication, compromising performance
  • http://www.avmed.in/2011/01/increasing-safety-or-risking-lives-airport-body-scanners/ Increasing Safety or Risking Lives – Airport Body Scanners | Aviation Medicine :: Aerospace Medicine - Role of aviation medicine in safety of air travelers, including exposure to radiation as part of airport security measures.
  • http://www.avmed.in/2011/05/eject-eject-eject-human-factors-in-delayed-ejection/ Eject! Eject! Eject! – Human Factors in Delayed Ejection | Aviation Medicine :: Aerospace Medicine - Aviation Medicine deals with human factors and ergonomics of safe exit from a crippled aircraft to ensure survival of the occupants, the aircrew and the
  • http://www.avmed.in/2015/05/contrasting-outcomes-in-multiteam-systems-part-3/ Shared leadership | Aviation Medicine :: Aerospace Medicine - During an in-flight emergency, shared leadership of the crew works towards the primary objective to protect and save lives of all passengers and crew on board.

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