Mark E. Baldree M.D. | Arcadia Ear, Nose and Throat | Phoenix Arizona - Dr. Baldree has a large pediatric practice with an emphasis in treating resistant ear infections, tonsils, and adenoid issues and understands the challenges that parents face when their children are sick. In fact, many patients who were treated by Dr. Baldree as toddlers now trust him with the care of their own children.

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  • sadrack stlouis - Taste the Freshness

    I could tell immediately the difference in our water with this filter. We end up changing our filters about ever 4 months because we drink lots of ice water. I didn't really know the old filter wasn't doing as good (taste wise) until I had a glass of water after installing and flushing this filter out. It tastes exactly like figi bottled water. I'm pleased. Also the water comes out faster than some other brands. I'll be using these in the future unless the jack the prices up like everyone else seems to do when they get a good review. DISCLAIMER : *I received this product at a discount to allow me to test it, and then write a review based on the results of my experience using this product. I am not affiliated with these companies and I never promise to provide a positive review when offered a discount. I tested the product thoroughly so that you may make an informed decision with absolutely no bias. The views expressed in all of my reviews are 100% my own, honest opinions and are in no way influenced by the discounts that I receive. I review products on Amazon as a hobby, and read other reviews to help influence my decision on a particular product. User reviews have helped me a lot on deciding if a product is worth buying. I have saved money and lots of headache relying on user reviews, and I want nothing more than to return that favor to other people reading this now. Reviews shouldn't be paid off, and honesty is my top priority no matter what. I will continue to review with honesty #1, and if I lose ties with any company I review for; then so be it. I will not lie and have other people lose out on their money. Thanks for reading.

  • RTENNANT - A good buy

    I bought this for a new computer at my company. It was delivered promptly and installed perfectly. The chemist who uses is is pleased with it.

  • Ebony P. - So far so good 👌🏽

    So far it's been almost a month and I have noticed that my butt has become more plump 😊 I planned on adding more to my review after a full 6 months. As of now this product is doing what it's suppose to do. 🍑

  • Wildeone - Bone Up On Videos with Video Hound

    We always get the latest Video Hound which is a great tool when planning to purchase movies on DVD. The reviews given as "bones" are usually right on target. Great companion book to Leonard Maltin's. Owning both these review books will definitely steer you to what you want to watch.