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  • Rowa Vmax™ system | BD - Implement a medication management system for IV bolus injections that may help manage the risk of medication errors and improve documentation accuracy.
  • Pyxis MedStation™ ES System | BD - An automated medication dispensing system that helps clinicians safely & efficiently dispense medications while offering enterprise-ready integrations
  • Pyxis Pharmogistics® inventory management software | BD - Inventory management system that helps track medications, simplify workflow processes, improve productivity and reduce medication cost and waste.
  • BD Cato™ Medication Workflow | BD - BD Cato solutions help improve medication safety and streamline pharmacy workflow by standardizing compounding processes.
  • Alaris® EMR Interoperability | BD - Eliminate manual programming that creates risk of IV medication errors while extending safety to infusion administration at the same time.
  • BD Accuri™ C6 Plus flow cytometer | BD - This product supports cell analysis for up to six parameters. Easy to use and affordable, it increases accessibility to the analytical power of flow cytometry.
  • BD FACSAria™ Fusion Cell Sorter | BD - BD FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter brings cell sorting and a wide variety of applications to researchers.
  • BD Kiestra™ Automation Solutions | BD - Modular, scalable and forward-compatible automation solutions that are integrated with our broad portfolio of microbiology instruments & consumables.
  • BD MAX™ System | BD - Redefine staff productivity with a fully integrated, automated molecular platform able to run both IVD and open system assays efficiently & flexibly.
  • BD Nexiva™ Closed IV Catheter System | BD - The BD Nexiva Diffusics Closed IV Catheter System is designed to address common computed tomography IV challenges during power injection procedures
  • BD Vacutainer® Push Buton Blood Collection Set | BD - Easy & instant activation of the safety mechanism to protect healthcare workers from costly needlestick injuries & allows them to focus on patients.
  • ChloraPrep® Skin Preparation Products | BD - Choose the skin antiseptic with a unique formulation, hands-free applicator and proven efficacy that can help standardize across procedures.
  • BD and Apax Partners Announce Closing of Joint Venture to Launch Global Respiratory Business | BD - BD is committed to building strong relationships with members of the press. See press release archive and press kits.

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  • aloysius j burns - have this for over month so far so good took a little time to get keyboard to connect ...

    have this for over month so far so good took a little time to get keyboard to connect once connect no problem easy to use while sitting and resting in lap fairly fast very clear picture i fell its very good for price

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