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  • Teacher & Mommy of 3 - It works!!

    When I had heard about Poo-Pourri from a friend, I thought it was a joke. My initial response was, "ummm... what??" After some research on this product, I found reviews to be very favorable and decided to try it out for myself. Boy, am I ever glad I did! It works amazingly! I was seriously surprised at how well this product works at hiding toilet odors when someone has a bowel movement! In fact, I'm astonished at how well it works. I would highly recommend this for anyone who may want to eliminate the embarrassment of leaving behind a "little bit of themselves" in the bathroom, especially in a public one. You might even want to try the travel size as is nice to fit in one's pocket... especially helpful at work. Give this item a shot! You won't be disappointed!

  • Nothing but beneficial - Nothing but beneficial

    I do not have cancer but it is prevalent in my family. Therefore I wanted to get a book to understand more about cancer and about detoxification. This book gave me more insight than I expected: organic foods, what foods and containers and cooking styles to avoid, a few recipies and a step-by-step way to detoxify the body (if you have cancer). I can minimize the procedures the late author suggested, starting with a visit to a nutritionist this month. I have already given this book to my neighbour whose father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and am now writing down the title to provide to a friend whose father also has cancer. The book is in layman's terms, easy to follow and to understand. I very much believe that this book is nothing but beneficial to anyone with, or without, cancer.

  • Amber - Don't buy. Fried after one use. Could possibly start a fire.

    Ok, this is the first bad review I've ever written on Amazon, or really anywhere, but this product compelled me to do so. As good as the device seems in the description, believe me, don't waste your money. I just bought it a week ago. It came fully charged. I used it to keep my phone charged until the device's charge went all the way down once, and then I recharged it. First of all, it takes just shy of forever to charge it back up..... like something like 10 hours. Then the next time I went to use it, probably about another 8 hours after it was charged again, it wouldn't work. I thought that I'd left it on and that somehow the charge went out of it because of that. I went to recharge it again. I plugged it in and proceeded to wait the 10 or so hours for it to charge again. When I returned to check it, the device was super hot and there was the distinct smell of an electrical fire emanating from the usb outputs. Needless to say I will never plug it in again.... not that it would do much good as the thing is clearly fried. After one week and one use. Don't buy this. Its bad and possibly dangerous.

  • Haley Katherine - Love

    They were pretty snug when I first wore them but after 2 days they fit perfect. If I would have gone up a 1/2 size they would have been to big once they were broken in. I get components on them everyday.

  • Penny T. - All though its a pretty light I wish I had read up on it ...

    All though its a pretty light I wish I had read up on it before I ordered it. The stars are paper so they probably won't look pretty very long.