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  • Michelle Neubert - Every Lady Needs To Read This!

    A very deliciously dirty fun read! I loved how Isabella Sterling went beyond the very played out D\s relationship. Instead she have us the slightly still taboo, Daddy Dom\ baby girl dynamic....and she totally owned it! The story of Max and Lola Grace is not very realistic, but I wouldn't have wanted it to be. This is one of those books that let's you leave your day behind, and escape into a world of naughty fantasy. Where good guy is so good at being bad. Grab some wine ladies, and enjoy the ride!

  • Nicholas Sparagis - Issues with the condition of my purchase.

    Good product, but when it arrived, the gummies were melted together in a big clump. Not sure if this is the warehouse or the mail carrier.

  • K. H. - My teeth have never been happier

    I've been trying to take better care of my teeth, and my friend recommended picking up a water flossing tool.

  • BKarno - Awesome!

    A few years back we had a blast playing all the Guitar Hero games, but this takes it to a whole new level and I it's so much more than a game. I got this for my son, along with an Epiphone Guitar starter pack. He is taking to it really well and making nice progress. We've been having so much fun that I got a bass setup for myself. Now, not only are we having fun playing the game together, but we are actually learning how to play these instruments! I do have one minor complaint, however. I have an older (7 or 8 years) Samsung HD DLP projection television and the fret numbers are getting cut off at the bottom of the display so I can't always make out the suggested fingerings. We also have the Xbox version for my son's LCD set and it works fine with that. I have searched high and low for a way to adjust this like you can in some games, but I haven't had any luck. I guess it may be time for a new flat screen!

  • SunnyBeachLife - NOT FOR DRY SKIN!!

    As I've stated on other websites, this product is NOT for dry skin!! I plunked down $250 to try it all and try it all I did. I gave it months of trials trying to get my skin to look wonderful like the infomercials..I would even have settled for my skin looking a tad better than it did. No dice. It caked, it stuck to my dry patches, it streaked, it did nothing for the dark circles under my eyes, it made my face look floury like a clown and I hated all of it and it all sits wasted in my closet. There is NO miracle makeup, different makeup works differently for different types of skin and I can't see how this dry powdery substance with no moisturizing qualities would even remotely look good on dry skin.

  • CompLit - Software: 5 Stars, Installation: 0 Stars

    QuickBooks Pro 2016 software is excellent software. I am a computer literate person with a PC using 64-bit Windows 7. Installing the software from a DVD and re-setting my password would not have been possible without great assistance from technical support.

  • Chung C. - It's cheap. It's bad when there are better choices.

    It's cheap but really annoying to use compared to other regulators out the for $10 to $20 bucks more. Spend a little more and get one with a solenoid on it. This depleted two of my 88g co2 bottles when attaching it on. It could be that I got the wrong bottles though. If you want to connect to a paintball tank you WILL need to get an adapter which then puts another $7 to $10 price tag on this. Just do yourself a favor and move on and spend the extra for a better regulator. Best advice is to spend $50 on a dual gauge you can find on ebay and get an adapter to put on a paintball tank that way you can move up to a regular co2 tank later. The cost of buying 88g disposable co2 bottles is just too expensive.