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  • cdink - Almost great

    Pros: print quality and speed is great. It's not super fast, but fast enough. Easy to set up, and filling the ink was mess-free. It's too early to make a call on the ink, but it looks promising.

  • Quirky Girl - A Computer/NONTechy Novice Review

    I am not very techy - so this is a review based on a novice setting this up. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being computer savvy, I'd say I'm a 4.

  • SauceyBiscuit - Just Under a Month and Already Bigger!

    I've been using this product for about a month now and have already started to notice a difference on my butt! After reading multiple reviews (some of which were fake) and doing some competitive pricing, I found that this particular brand Booty Magic, works the best! If I'm already noticing a difference, I can't wait for 6 months from now! I would definitely recommend this particular butt enhancement cream over the other brands! Thanks!

  • Jen in Cali - Buy this- it totally works!!

    My husband tried a harsh flea spray from home depot and also fogged our garage but nothing worked like this natural flea spray! After we came home from vacation and walked into a house infested with fleas, we were completely overwhelmed...especially because we have a crawling infant and didn't want chemicals all over the floor and furniture. After the first use we saw a huge difference. We just kept up on vacuuming frequently while spraying Vets Best and the fleas disappeared quickly! We were extremely pleased with the results and know you will be too!!

  • Emanuel Bey - Killed my girls 2 weeks into flower

    Killed my plants 2 weeks into flower. Im a fairly new grower. This wouldve been my 4th harvest and according to the hieght of plants my largest harvest... what a bummer

  • Amanda Fitzpatrick - Great new way to collect player cards!

    This sticker book is perfect for NBA fans of all ages! Unlike collecting player cards where you have to buy cases and boxes to hold them, they are player stickers that you can neatly store on the book! Each page has an entire team on it, so you can easily find where to put your stickers as you get new ones, as well as easily see which players you're looking for. Excellent product.

  • Ryan M. Gapen - Issues!!!

    I have had this modem for two years I bought the retail version from best buy and it worked good for a little while. Then it started having errors that would cycle off so when I was surfing the net I would have no internet every forth page or so, then Vonage stopped working. Long story short I spent hours and hours talking with Vonage, cox cable, and Motorola with no help. Finally I went to shop for a new set up. While I was browsing at best buy the guy there said Motorola made a good modem, and then attached a piece of crap router to it. So I bought a new router, went home and disabled the sbg6580's wifi functions completely. It now works only as my modem. What do you know... Problem solved. These should have been recalled by Motorola.