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  • medsmon - Finale 2012 - Buggy, buggy, buggy!!!

    I had been using PrintMusic for a number of years, and back ~2 years ago FInale 2012 came out with a short-term ~$120 upgrade offer vs. what was normally a much more expensive upgrade. "Why not?", I thought, wanting to create accompaniment that sounded much better than PrintMusic MIDI sounds, and hoping that some bugs in PrintMusic would certainly be fixed by now. Well, I found out why not. I have never in my career as a SW engineer found a commercial piece of software with more bugs than this potentially top-notch program.

  • Shhop - Fun, Fun

    Fun, Fun, Fun! Couldn't get the grandkids off of it! Only used it one week last summer but really enjoyed it. 4yr old and 8yr old just loved it and didn't want to get off. Adults got to take turns riding with them. Feels very sturdy and stable on the water. Even with boat driver trying to "dump" riders. Goes over the wake and back easily. Hope it holds up for many more years of fun!

  • cathy - Great guide book to learn and know the step by step process of passive income.

    Great book. Well written and honest to the point valuable information.Earning passive income is what many of us want as it helps us make more money for us to be more financially stable in the future.Its good that we know what is passive income because this will give us extra income on top of our day job.

  • Lindley H. Stakem - AMAZING! MUST TRY!

    AMAZING! For your wood furniture with heat or water rings, even minor scratches from regular wear and tear .... this helps eliminate it! For my pieces with scratches, they appear to be GONE! I also used on a kitchen table badly damaged from kids use of forks, spoons stabbing the table over the years and the sticky residue from cleaning it with a variety of products for 6-7 years. While it could not help the gashes (not did I expect it to), the stickiness is gone! I used Restore a Finish, then their wax product and now I can put napkins, paper plates, etc and they do not stick to the surface. HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this $15 solution before you either toss or completely refinish any furniture.