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  • Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 - Bluebird Botanicals - Bluebird Botanicals and the National Hemp Association have partnered to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, which would legalize hemp nationwide.
  • Buy Hemp Extracts - Cannabidiol - CBD oil - First famous for our CBD oil, our Hemp Extracts are made from the highest quality cultivars that are naturally abundant in cannabinoids, terpenes, and more.
  • Signature Blend - A unique formulation of CO2 Hemp Extract high in cannabinoids, CO2 frankincense carteri extract, based in black cumin oil.
  • Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Complete - Hemp Extract Blend with a 1 to 1 ratio of Raw and Heated cannabinoids. Also includes a third, steam distilled hemp extract high in terpenes.
  • BrainPower Hemp Blend - This hemp extract blend was formulated by request for NFL players. CO2 hemp extract, astaxanthin, MCT oil and helichrysum
  • Hemp Extract Sample Pack - made by Bluebird Botanicals - Sample pack including all four Hemp Extract blends made by Bluebird Botanicals- Classic Hemp, Signature Blend, Brainpower, and Hemp Complete.
  • Concentrated Hemp Extracts - Extra concentrated Hemp Extract oil from the highest quality hemp cultivars always tested for purity and potency of cannabinoids.
  • Hemp Classic 6x - Bluebird Botanicals - Hemp Classic 6x has 1,500+ mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce. CO2 Hemp Extract in organic Hemp seed oil.
  • CBD Vape Products - CBD Vape Oil and Hardware Set - CBD Vape Oil products made in-house by Bluebird Botanicals. We isolate the cannabidiol (CBD) for use in our vape products. All products are lab tested.
  • Companion Hemp Blend - Companion Hemp Blend is a hemp extract blend for animals, high in cannabinoids and other nutritional constituents.
  • Pine Pollen Powder Tincture - 100% RAW and WILD harvested pine pollen with no additives. 85 grams pine pollen powder and 2 oz pine pollen tincture from the Pinus massoniana pine tree.

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  • Michael Kizer - Magic bottle WORKED for me!

    I have a 2004 Ford Escape 3.0L V6 truck with 3 catalytic CA legal converters. I had no check engine light, but had some serious power issues due to back pressure in the exhaust caused by clogged cats. Here in CA, the front two are $750 ea. just for the parts, the last is $250. I watched 2 YouTube videos showing this product not working, so I had very little faith in a magic bottle, but since in was only $25 out of a possible $2000 bill I decided to try it. I bought 2 bottles. HOLY CRAP!!! I only used one bottle, and even spilled 1/4 of it. I put it in at a quarter tank of gas, and drove the car kinda hard to try and get the exhaust hot and NO KIDDING it worked !!!! Within 10 min. I felt the clog break. I continued to drive another 20 miles and filled the tank up with gas. I even climbed some up some mountain roads just to see if the extra load would cause the car to bog down. Nope, I honestly think the truck runs better than it ever has since being bought at the used car dealership. I honestly don't even believe that this worked, but it did and I have to give it 5 stars. Try it before you spend a ton of money on your car. I'm not saying it will work for everybody, but it really did save me a lot of money.

  • Elle - 100 Star Review!!!

    I've been lightening my dark brown hair (level 5) for nearly a year. I unfortunately experienced a "chemical cut" about 5 months ago while bleaching with olaplex 1 (loads of breakage around the crown mainly on my fairly long,fine hair). Due to this breakage, I cut my hair into a chin length bob 😞. The olaplex wasn't the problem..... the cheap box highlight (loreal platinum) was - I was on an extended vacay and tried it in a pinch for regrowth).