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  • florida sunshine - So So

    The house is easy to put together but kinda flimsy. I am worried about our regular Florida storms and it blowing over. Over all not bad for the money.

  • xBryMilx - Expecting too much??

    Maybe I was expecting too much. So far my experience with Invisible glass has been no different than any other major brand glass cleaner. So, if you think the price is good, go ahead and try it. Otherwise, from my experience, another major brand works just as well.

  • 1970flh - Takes forever to work.

    Yeah I know - think green save the world - I don't have that many years left to wait for this stuff to do what it's supposed to do.

  • Richard Shanley - Works Great

    Used it on some old plastic ATV fenders that were very warn. The transformation was really good. Not back to new but an impressive improvement.

  • Maryann J. Tillson - No Baby Soft Skin This Time...

    I bought this product previously from the Baby Foot website and it worked fabulously. My feet peeled within days, revealing super soft, beautiful skin. Not this time. Purchased through Amazon and nothing - absolutely nothing - happened. It's been over 2 weeks and not one sign of peeling, no soft skin, nothing. I followed the instructions to a T, soaking my feet first, left the booties on for an hour, etc. Not sure if the product was expired or just lavender scented goo but I'm very disappointed since it's pricey. Would NOT recommend through Amazon. Try the mfgr website since that Baby Foot purchase worked like a charm for me.