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  • JC Hardy - Does Not Really Have a Web Browser

    Some of the reviews of the LeapPad Ultra imply that it has a web browser that lets kids go to kid-friendly sites. This is really very misleading. For instance, you can't type "" in an address bar and visit this site. There are only certain topics available to choose from, such as dogs or ninjas. One of the videos available in the "browser" instructs the user on how to style their hair like Tinkerbell. I can think of more educational topics available on other websites, if only you could access them.

  • Snoopy - Book not in top shape

    I ordered this book to study for my upcoming tests/boards. For the amount of money you have to pay for a "new" would think it would be in the best of shape. It doesn't mean it has to be in shrink wrap, but no bent or torn covers and pages would be a great start. Not too thrilled with the purchase as their are several torn pages and the covers have been bent; not even looks like anyone bothered to lay the cover back our flat after bending it. I've ordered several things from Amazon before and never had an issue until this last year with my purchases. Not sure what is going on with that. If you order a "new" item, then it should be "new" when you receive it and not look like someone has already had hay-day with it. Dissatisfied.

  • Amazon Customer - booring

    The most boring game no games no wins it's just pressing the button and see the wheels go by booooring hey amazon if you want me to spend money to buy coins I have to have fun this is the worst game as far I have played it's really boring you have to step it up if you want to keep your loyal customers happy

  • The Peanut Gallery - Good low price set.

    Great set of wrenches for the price. I've had a few sets of "cheap wrenches" in the past, but these are surprisingly well made. Used them to remove a rusted bolt the day they arrived successfully with no breaks, bends, or rounding of the bolt. For the price this is a really nice set. I do wish some of the sizes would not have been skipped, but the few sizes that are not included aren't especially common anyway. I could reccomend this set to others with a clear conscience.

  • Joseph F. Collerd - Does What It Says It Will Do

    I am very pleased with Ultra-Ever Dry. I was seeking a tough strong surface coating for protecting my front steps--which get minimal traffic--make them use the back door from water and oil issues. It works very well when applied correctly.

  • Carla A. Cooper - Love it!

    I bought this item after a recommendation from a tennis pro who has chronic lower back pain after years of pounding on the hard courts. I was diagnosed with sciatica and periformis syndrome. I suspect that too much tennis caused these issues for me. I began to suffer from lower back spasms, point pain in my hips, and bursitis. After 2 months of physical therapy and chiropractic care, it actually got worse. I decided to try it just for the back spasms. After the first 5 minutes on the machine I was regretting buying it and not looking forward to the process of sending it back for a refund. But I gave it a chance. After 2 or 3 sessions, I began to feel the tenseness in my lower back releasing. I've been using it every day for about a month and I definitely feel the difference in my mobility and the spasms and sciatica are also greatly improved.

  • J. Mason - Didn't work for my purpose.

    The hose itself is way to stiff to be making bends, I would up going to the hardware store and getting some of the braided steel lines for toilets and sinks and they work much better for my purpose. I bought these to use in conjunction with an accumulator and I had flexible lines to begin with so can't comment on their ability to silence the pump.