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  • Alexis Ann - LOVE HIFONICS

    I love this amp i got it dyno tested max output is 2046w @1ohm with 17.9 volts gotta love it n it gets warm at after two hour of a continues 1600w but if u guys just have this amp n u have a stock alternator ur only getn aroung the 1400w max so u will need to upgrade alternator to full power from this amp it is power hungry n not havn enough power will destory amp over time but all amps over 1000w needs a bigger altanator for sure with 0g big 3

  • Barabbas - Strong Silent Type

    What can I say about a disposer that I have only had for a month? Of course i could say negative things if those were true, but I have nothing negative to say yet. In this case, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Disposer has lived up to its billing so far. As usual the shipping and support were great. Packaging on this was good. The shipping box was a little banged up, but the inner contents were well protected, and everything looked great when i opened the box. This comes with all the pieces you need to install it new except the plumbers putty. You will need your own tools of course. It was as most people said easy to install, the hardest part being getting the old disposer out. I chose to go the easy route and not remove the drain and mounts, so this basically just twisted on to the old mount. I really wanted the look of the new product, but i probably saved a couple hours by not doing that, including the trip to the store for plumbers putty. I did need the power cord attachment which i purchased for a great price and installed very easily.

  • Akoni - Love it. My wife and I highly recommend the PSVR. The PSVR has exceeded our expectations.

    I convinced the lady I'm related to by marriage to let me purchase the PSVR the first weekend it came out. I had been eyeing an HTC Vive but the combination of the cost difference and the PS4 being in a common area made it an easy decision.

  • Twiddle Dee - Expandable socks

    The first time in a long time knee high socks actually fit. The socks stay in place and did not work down. I wished the insert matched better. However, under slack you can not see the insert.

  • kblaw - Don't spend the money on the 2013 edition

    This is basically the same as of the 2012 edition. The authors failed to wait for the tax changes created by the "fiscal cliff." Why put out a 2013 edition if it is not going to reflect the signigicant changes which occurred in 2012?