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  • Elijah Buchanan - BOOM

    Don't take two at once. I took one in the morning, and one later in the afternoon and that was a trippy experience. I don't have much to compare them to, but I was largely not entirely too impressed. I can get the same kick in the pants with a strong cup of black coffee.

  • aMANazon - Gel polish that does the job!

    My husband bought this kit for me and I have to say "LOVE IT". Wasn't sure how well the gel polish would hold up on my nails. I have my hands in water a lot doing dishes and also do yard work etc.... I'm not gentle on my nails. Well let me tell ya it is amazing. The longest I had it on was almost 4 weeks no joke. If you follow the directions your polish will stay on like the package reads, even longer in my case. The key is to not put the polish on thick. Spread it on lightly. Yes you may have to apply 3 layers depending on the color but that's not a problem for me. You can also use different brands of gel polish. You don't have to stick to the Sensationail brand. My only negative thing to say is that it is a pain to remove BUT if that's all to complain about this product is great. It serves its purpose. Worth the purchase!

  • A. Negin - an excellent inside baseball look at the campaign

    I thought that I followed the campaigns pretty closely, but this book takes you behind the scenes to see how both campaigns were really thinking. It makes me realize how little I really knew from the news.