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Country:, Europe, PL

City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • aibi - I like the product!

    It's a good product, I like it! However, after using it for a while, my scalp got itchy so I had to switch it to another product for a while.

  • Bitsy - Inconsistency in product on reorders..

    I loved the first bottle of Hair Loss Shampoo from this company (justnaturalskincare). It stopped my hair loss totally in about 5 weeks (2 shampoos per week). I ordered more and gave the last 1/3 of my shampoo to a friend who was losing her hair, also. To my surprise, the company sent a totally different shampoo for Hair Loss...the same label was on the new bottle of shampoo. The bottle was not the same either. The original order was a milky shampoo after shaking the bottle. The second order was a clearish thick shampoo that could not be shaken. I emailed customer service at( them about this, and they responded saying that because it was "hand mixed" each batch was different, and "have a nice day". This is total BS. The shampoo should be exactly the same or bear some resemblance to the first product, but it does not. I called "customer service" twice, but no one was there to answer my call to address my questions. Customer service could only answer questions about shipping and billing--if you can even talk to someone. I am pretty sure I won't be ordering again from this company even though I loved the shampoo. I'll have to think long and hard about it....I hope they read this review.

  • Lillian Pivonka - It also is very comfortable.

    This really works. I use it in conjunction with my CPAP mask and it keeps my chin in place so when I lie on my back, my face doesn't sag and so the seal on my mask stays without developing leaks. It also is very comfortable.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice quality set

    Grandson seems to like this pretty well so far. It has blinking lights and makes noises. The instruments are good quality and fits his hands. So many different items in this set he has to use each of them a few times so it keeps his attention for awhile.

  • DaytonaDan - A skeptic is now a true believer

    I was very very skeptical of this stuff the first time I bought it. Didn't really expect it work. Three months later, I am a true believer. To quote the old TV huckster, it really does the job!. In this case, sidewalks and driveway in front my Florida home, where algae stains are a never ending problem. They will literally turn everything black in a few years if you do not clean them. I used to spend hour upon hour pressure washing them and then treating with bleach. Good for a year if you were lucky and then had to do it again. Pressure washing worked quite well when the home was newer but after 30 years, the black stuff was so deeply embedded, it became impossible to really get the surfaces clean. A solid black lichen (I guess) was particularly problematic. Pressure washing had no impact it all on that. And it grew worse over the years.