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  • A.E.M-V - I can open my windows!

    Even though we have screens, and live on the third floor.. We get a surprising amount of "things" crawling in, most recently we found a cockroach STROLLING in through a small crack (which we cannot repair due to renting) in the frame of the screen... Well, I just don't do cockroaches.

  • Terra - Can not be used with modern computers!

    Be aware that this item should not be sold as a new product. The technology is more than a decade old and will simply not work on a modern computer (anything above a 32-bit operating system). It might work fine if you are running Windows XP, but it can not be detected by Windows 7 or above.

  • Engr. Stephen ezekwem - Says what it does

    I have this for close to two months now and i can confess it does what it says. When i initially saw this product advertised on TV i thought one of those wonder products that never does what it says, but researching this further, i was able to find out the only complaint people had about it was trying to loose weight with it. Make no mistakes, this will not make you loose weight you actually need to hit the gym to do that, but if you want to tone your belly muscles while combining it with abs crunching at the gym, then you have a winning formula. Having said that, if you also watch what you eat (less starchy foods), you can also tone and define you abs without hitting the gym, all you just have to do is use the product on a daily basis.

  • Bena - A lot of hype for nothing!

    I am not understanding all these great reviews. This product does absolutely nothing for me. Also, what I did not know until I received the bottle is that for weight loss you have to take three capsules 1/2-2 hours before each meal. I also read someone who gave it a 1 star that Nature Wise create their own reviews..... :( So disappointed I thought it was me that I was not doing my part but in all fairness this just not work - no energy boost no appetite suppressant nothing. I called the 800 number to inquire about a refund, I was on hold for 4 minutes then I was sent to the general mail box to leave a message @ 10:12 am. That speaks volumes - I wish I would have read the 1 star reviews first before I waisted my money....

  • Geri Crouse - Buyer Beware

    The stringing of this guitar is horrible. Out of the box we connected it to our xBox 360 and started following the easy tuning directions. However, two of the strings could not be tuned. One string snapped during the initial tuning process as it was telling us it needed to be tightened. When we contacted the seller he told us we need to go to a music store to get it stringed and offered us $4 as compensation. Will keep you posted on what the music store says about restringing and the cost.