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  • ShaShaGrace - Wait... What?! It's actually working!!!

    I'm scared to write this review because I don't want to jinx it, but O...M...G!!! I think it's actually working! One of my three cats (age 4, spayed female) started peeing and pooping on the floor near the (clean) litter boxes out of nowhere. She wasn't using the boxes at all anymore, so it was a constant issue (I used crayon shavings to color her poop to be sure it was her, and locked her in the other bathroom for a few days to be sure it wasn't more than one of them) I had had some slight schedule changes, but nothing crazy, and nothing else was new, so I couldn't figure out what the issue was (health issues were ruled out). I tried every single trick in the book to solve the problem, including a litter additive that's supposed to attract cats to the box. After that failed, I was skeptical of this product also (that one was cheaper, so i tried it first), but I had reached the end of my last nerve and was desperate! I plugged this in in the bathroom were my litter boxes are, and literally only cleaned up after her one more time! It's been about a week now I think, with no more messes to clean up! I also got the spray and spritzed the previously soiled areas once (it arrived a few days after the diffuser), but I don't think it was a necessary addition since she had stopped before it arrived. If this continues to be effective, I am a very satisfied customer!

  • A. M. - It's ok

    It is good but not great. The guaruna powder works much better - but this is convenient to have with .

  • Lisa - Love the cream, but....

    I love the body cream, but not at that amount! It's much cheaper/safer to order straight from Plexus Worldwide website with an actual Ambassador (#367433). Curious why the large markup?

  • pam e j - wonderful product it really works!

    Me and this product go way back five years to be exact! I first learned of this product when I was searching for a hair product that would help my weak and broken hair. And when I tell you that I was very happy to have found it.