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  • Bruce Micheal wiley - Dont get caught up on negative reviews. watch out for your pet first

    For people who know about products like this. You have to understand they legally have to run tests to approve safety and effectiveness, any process like this takes years. Without years and years of testing no medication can be approved. I have used seresto collars on our big dog, small dog and our two cats. Havn't seen any side effects other than fleas going "bye bye". Now i do see where people would be wary seeing all the negative reviews on here. The fact is that with any drug every reaction is different, some animals may have adverse affects but the majority has nothing but good results. Also consider circumstance as well, something could cause your animal to react in such a way that the symptoms match up to the ones people have posted up on here. Anytime you try any sort of new medication talk to multiple professionals and consider they might actually know what they are talking about. Always get more than one opinion and watch out for your pet to have any negative reactions at all times

  • Deborah Camille Mcnamara - I saw him in CA 2012

    This is from Nashville 2012. I was born in Nashville. I had to have it. I love it! This is my third DVD of Ringo in concert. I saw the Beatles in Memphis in 1966. I saw Paul on the U.S.A. tour. I can not wait to see Ring in 2014.

  • C. C. Simpson - Incredible Results

    Our daughter had Molloscum Contagium and a severe reaction to a prescribed cream that was recommended by the dermatologist. Emuaid had an almost instantaneous positive effect. Her skin has healed remarkably well and has made a believer out of our family! Thank you soo much!

  • Scott Jibben - Search & email bugs mar an otherwise good product

    I upgraded from QB Pro 2012 because there was a problem connecting with external mail servers. The bug is random and will refuse to send invoices (endlessly tells you that your password is wrong and asks for you to enter your password again; even though it is right!) or any other email documents. I thought that surely this would be fixed two major versions later. It isn't. Intuit's solution? Restart your computer. Yes that usually works, but I have to shut down all my software reboot and then hope that I can send out my invoices. Seriously Intuit? Two major versions later and this is still a problem???

  • Falsechoes - Not good!

    I did a water test with paper towels for 30 minuets submerged in water and pulled it it out and the towels were wet. I'm not putting my brand new $950 iPhone in this case! Disappointed!!

  • LaTanya Wright - Surprised

    I have to admit that i had doubts at first. Usually the book is described as a bwwm story but the female always end up with blue/green eyes and blonde hair. I enjoyed the characters and their journey to happiness. Will definitely read more of the author's work!

  • F. Borrego - Granite on a budget

    We needed to do our bathroom counter and sink but had a $500 budget. So we found a new sink/faucet at the Habitat for Humanity store and with the faux granite our bathroom remod came in just under $200. There is a learning curve to get it looking fantastic so go slowly, plan/think each step, follow the instructions. We are now planning to do the kitchen with the faux granite our budget is $800 but that needs to include a new dishwasher and new sink/faucet.