CERLALC - El Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en América Latina y el Caribe (CERLALC) es un organismo intergubernamental, bajo los auspicios de la UNESCO, que trabaja en la creación de condiciones para el desarrollo de sociedades lectoras. Para ello orienta sus acciones hacia el fomento de la producción y circulación del libro; la promoción de la lectura y la escritura, y el estímulo y protección de la creación intelectual. En este sentido, da asistencia técnica en la formulación de políticas públicas, genera conocimiento, divulga información especializada, desarrolla e impulsa procesos de formación y promueve espacios de concertación y cooperación

Country:, North America, US

City: -93.984 Arkansas, United States

  • Grill master - Other than late delivery, screen is close to OEM.

    It was delivered a day later than what was promised. Overall screen quality is excellent though. Touch is spot on and install was smooth. It does not have any instructions, but as others have said, quality of screen is great and touch is no different from OEM. I suggest watching videos on YouTube for instructions. Added glass protection is a bonus. Will have to see how long the quality hold up though.

  • Edwin McGruder - Faulty software and no follow-up as promise

    The softwared loaded correctly - then crashed as I was entering my data .....I retried several time..and crashed at the same place each time - so I reloaded up and tried it again..and same results...Spend hours on the phone just tryin to reach Support...Only to hear there is no fix...and would be contacting me with in 3 business days...Well - I never got that call..