Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group, LLC - The Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Group was formed to raise public awareness about the risk of stroke and death with chiropractic cervical spinal adjustments, to find others who were injured this way and to prevent future needless suffering.

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  • erostar1981 - Newfound fitness junkie

    I started t25 in February at 5'9 and 260 lbs as a non-exerciser. I lived a very sedentary lifestyle but decided I wanted to make a change and 25 minutes a day seemed doable. I will admit the first time I did it, I was having major 2nd thoughts. I used the modifier and while the moves are not hard to do, it is an intense workout and I was dripping sweat and had to pause the DVD about 6 times in 25 min just to catch my breath. I stuck with it though and by the end of the first week I was able to get through without pausing. Since then, I have lost over 30 lbs by doing this DVD and following the weight watchers diet plan. I am a type 2 diabetic and I also was able to get off insulin that I have been on for almost 10 years. I am really starting to enjoy working out and am training for a 5k. Now don't get me wrong this is a hard workout for a beginner. It will definitely kick your butt but Shaun T is very motivating and I feel like he is talking right to me. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get in shape. To me this set is well worth the money. I am not a beach body coach or anything like that just a regular person and I read a ton of reviews before I bought this. After I finish t25 I plan on doing insanity. If I can do this you can definitely do it!

  • bethechange - alpha FEmale

    So, I used the original shredz for a few months and was very excited when the beyond genetics team came out with shredz formulated specifically for women.. it is an absolutely perfect supplement. The number one thing that this product does for me is makes me feel motivated. I have always been very into health and fitness and shredz for women gives me the extra boost I need on days when im feeling like id rather veg on the couch then hit the gym.. I never feel like im wired, just energized and ready to exercise.. this product is my absaver!

  • B. Kein - Disappointed...

    I'm an avid short story reader and I rarely find fault with the annual Best American Short Stories, but this 2014 collection seems to lack the lyricism, grace and style I would expect to find in such a well-regarded volume.

  • Amazon Customer - Windows 10 users beware! After install/application of upgrades of ...

    Windows 10 users beware! After install/application of upgrades of Nero 2016, I was instructed to restart my computer. It would not restart! The computer would also not recover to prior recovery points. I had to reinstall Windows 10, Office, and all other applications. Lost some customer data, but was able to recover from backups to other computer on the LAN. Will not be reinstalling this.

  • Book Baby - Disappointing-not nearly as fun or interesting as previous versions

    I've purchased quite a few of these Guinness World Record books for my 7th grade students, and they are always a hit, with the exception of this most recent 2013 version. Previous editions are full of photos, drawing readers irresistably through fascinating/horrifying images of five-foot fingernails or hundreds of facial piercings. But this new edition is mostly tiny text -- SNOOZE! Maybe Guinness finally started to run out of creepy pictures. Had to happen sometime!

  • Kimberly - Very pretty, I love the coloring pages inside

    Very pretty, I love the coloring pages inside, and there's plenty of space to write down all of my classes and assignments. The cover is a plastic material, which is nice and waterproof. I'm very happy with it.

  • vanessa - ... cube is absolutely outstanding it's anti pop mechanism is wonderful it is fluid and effortless it is very smooth ...

    This cube is absolutely outstanding it's anti pop mechanism is wonderful it is fluid and effortless it is very smooth cube that leaving the cube 5 stars