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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Emily Mann - SO MAD!

    I have been using this product religiously for the past YEAR... And both of my children just contracted a horrible case of lice. What a waste of money!!!

  • PANCam - Pretty good but not the best

    There were some math errors. No instructions of the systems requirement for the program. I ended up spending so much time to try to get it work. I emailed the seller, they are pretty good at responding in time. The product is a bit pricy.

  • Edward Trautman - Thundershirt Really Helped My Dog!

    The Thundershirt really helped our dog. Prior to using it our dog (70lb Standard Poodle) would shake violently and become frantic before and during a thunderstorm and/or fireworks being let off. Once we started using the Thundershirt regularly we saw a marked improvement in his behavior. His shaking decreased and he was much less anxious. The more we have used the product the better his behavior has become during storms (and July 4th!). Now that we have been using it for almost two months he has become 85-90% better from where we started. Strongly recommended.