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  • D. B. - BEST EVER!!

    Ok after reading the reviews here on Amazon, I almost didn't buy this product. After visiting Wholefoods and requesting the price from a cashier, I learned that people traveled from very far distances to purchase this product at Wholefoods. After some consideration I returned to the counter and purchased the Curling Custard and I LOVE IT!!! I have very curly hair anyway but I have grown my relaxer out for 16 months and could not find a product that could make my hair manageable. Well I found it and I were my hair in the sexiest curly ringlets. It makes your hair super soft and works very great with the KC leave in condition but I like to also use it alone. The KC Leave in makes my usually dry brittle hair (even after washing with natural shampoos my hair is dry the next day) this Leave in keeps it so soft and manageable. Well my search is OVER and I LOVE my new find, and I am sure you will too! ENJOY!!

  • Serena Jones - Highly recommended.

    Great car seat! Lived up to my expectations. A little difficult to figure out at first but well worth the learning curve.

  • Amazon Customer - Very disappointed. Big fan of Nero years ago when burning ...

    Just bought this solely for the purpose of playing Blu-ray discs on my laptop which has a built-in BD-ROM drive. It simply does not work. I googled a bit and found that I am not the only one with trouble. I followed the procedure outlined in the Nero support forum and sent Nero support all the information requested. Waiting for a response. Will update my review as this progresses.

  • william cutright - Great software at a great price

    I have used H&R Block for more than 8 years now a love it. Every year it gets easier to use and gets me every deduction I deserve through a process of questions kind of like an an interview. The only Con I can think of is when you file your state form you have to pay for the e-file if you want to e-file it. That's a little deceiving when you do get free e-file for federal forms....

  • Jeffrey Alston - DO NOT BUY! COMPLETE DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only good thing was the shipping. During assembly I realized that the front forks were so bent the wheel would not even fit. After prying the forks out and jamming the wheel in I finished assembly. If you don't have a socket set or allen keys plan for hours of assembly. The wrenches they give you are tight and don't work. The allen keys are the wrong size and strip the bolts. After a month of light riding around the yard and out the drive way the weak handle bars broke right off, sending me over the handle bars with the scooter coming right behind me. I am lucky the end of the razor sharp handle bars didn't put a gash in my knee. So i thought they just were weak and contacted them and after a while they sent me new ones. They were impossible to get the old ones out and put the new ones in.Then after another month the handle bars broke sending me over them and getting all bruised up and lucky to not be seriously injured AGAIN. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL GET SERIOUSLY INJURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rw80227 - Very Disappointed

    Purchased this believing that it could actually convert blue-ray movies for viewing on my pc and handhelds. It won't play a blue-ray movie for starters, how pathetic to have blue-ray authoring software that won't play back it's own compilations. As far as getting audio to work right forget it, you have no control choosing audio tracks. The fit to disk indicator bar value changes after you start burning a disk, so you don't know if the project will really fit on a disk or not. I did find a DAPlayer for free on the web that plays blue-ray movies. If you have NO need for blue-ray support this software is ok, but ArcSoft is way better. I wasted my money on this and as far as technical support goes I have never gotten a response as of yet. Do more shopping before you decide to buy this software!