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  • Markb - Mad when MS took it off the market.

    We take a lot of road trips each year and I have used Streets and Trips to plan every trip. There is no other program that works off line like it. I would be first in line to purchase Streets and Trips for android if they made it. I was mad when microsoft took it off the market.

  • Amazon Customer - Great look!

    Perfect size, comes with front and two rear stickers. Apply slowly and dont be afraid! I got frustrated at first but the decal is very forgiving and will apply even if it gets stuck to itself or your fingers. This is the cheapest you will find for these decals too!

  • Angie - Doctor recommended. I Conceived with this!

    After trying Clomid and Metformin all with horrible side effects my doctor told me to try this as an alternative. It did all the same stuff that the harsh chemicals did, yet with NO side effects, and I was even able to conceive while on pregnitude. So, easy to take. Simply pour the little packet into whatever you are drinking and that's it. It has NO taste. The ingredients are simple. No additives. So if you are thinking about getting pregnant you can try this without doctors prescription. Same results!