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Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.1982 New South Wales, Australia

  • it is pretty good and fun but it can get old - AMAZING

    the book was so good and enjoyed every page!! I knocked it out in 2 days!!! It was pretty short but sweet. Nicole (the main

  • Dik Butt - It's Topkek

    I bought this game on a whim a few minutes before release hour, as I decided it would be fun to play the first big multiplayer Play Anywhere title. I have no experience with the Gears of War series, but I believe this is a great place to start. Graphics are great, smooth third-person gameplay with fun combat. There is a serious lack of third person cover shooters on the market right now ever since SOCOM's developers were shut down, and this is a great way to get that fill. Currently I am running a Razer Blade 2014 with a GTX870m, i7-4702HQ, 8gb ddr3 Ram and I am getting 60fps at medium-high at 1366x768 resolution if that gives anyone with a laptop an idea how this game runs. Make sure you update your Nvidia driver to the latest version, as my game wouldn't run with the older driver.

  • Richw - It fixed my heater core leak!

    My 24 year old Camry developed a heater core leak. The repair procedure starts with removing the dashboard. After about 3 hours I gave that up as a lost cause. I searched for a solution and the only recommended radiator treatment was this Bar's Leaks. I drained the radiator and put in fresh anti-freeze and the Bar's, following the directions. This was in the summer but I kept the heater slide to 'hot' and the fan off unless I was running the A/C. It was a little slow to work and this wasn't a really big leak, but by the start of winter, no leak. For the past year the windows were all fogged up all of the time and I knew I was breathing in some of the anti-freeze so I drove with a window open. I had my doubts about it working, but it worked for me, saving me a huge repair bill for probably more than the car is worth.

  • Stacy Lubinski - Good

    Works. I have very long thick hair, thought I should've bought 2 but turns out I didn't need to. Think this is for someone that doesn't burn one everyday. I am prescribed adderall and take it everyday for about a year. It didn't even find a trace of it. Great product. Great price. I got the job!

  • MystickPhoenix - Stop whatever you're doing and buy this!

    Feels like the spiritual successor to This Binary Universe and If the Stars are Eternal So are You and I but deeper and with more texture. Almost the entire album gave me goosebumps throughout.