Câmara Municipal de Soure    - Câmara Municipal de Soure - caracterização do concelho e freguesias; descrição dos serviços da câmara com requerimentos e regulamentos online; história, turismo, contactos

Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Amazon Customer - Buyers Beware

    I own a 19" Element LCD HDTV. This was purchased at Circuit City who is no longer in business. From the moment I bought it, the tv has flickered with a blue screen that shows "program blocked". There is no way to cure this. I have looked online and found numberous bad reviews on Element. I wish I had read them before I bought on the "bargain aisle". You also cannot sync this tv with most universal remotes. I even tried a Harmony and got nothing. DO NOT lose the remote if you are crazy enough to buy one. Customer service is non-existant as you can't even make contact with Element. Ignore the phone numbers and website posted as they dont respond and dont work. There is no authorized supplier around for you as well so you will be looking to make your own repair on a non-supported tv. I recommend that you go to another brand.

  • Patrick Beart - Mixing Metaphors

    This movie is a lame and shallow attempt to blend Mayan Cosmology with Christian fundamentalist dogma. The completely convoluted premise that (somehow!) Christians found their way to Mexico in 600 A.D. begins this sappy religious tale. A Christian crucifixion cross is found in a Mayan temple and this inexplicably brings 5 people together in Chichen-Itza.