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  • ABRAHAM - Your Income TaX

    I order "Your Income Tax 2013" every year for preparing my income tax return. I hope everyone may order this book. This is a good book for everybody wants to prepare his or her income tax. Thank you very much.

  • Amazonian - Good improvement over Badger series

    This disposer replaces Insinkerator Badger 5X that broke after 6+ yrs or so. Ordered it and received the disposer in two days as expected. Plumber installed it. Works well. It is probably 40% quieter than the one before. Not a mega improvement but a welcome improvement. I also give it good grades on the overall footprint under sink. I have a tight under sink area and this compact disposer definitely helps a lot. It also looks a bit cleaner than the dated looking cast-iron Badger. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase. Lastly, for those of you considering Badger, compare Badger and Evolution and I highly recommend Evo series because of its sleek looks, less footprint, two blades as opposed to one in Badger (you get three blades in Evo Excellence but that was an overkill for my undersink area), and 40% quieter. Baffle is removable. Worth every penny. These do not come with power cord so if you need one, order one! Happy recycling!

  • D Morales - An Improvement from the 2011 Version

    This is a fine product and a Small Business must have. For those of us that insist on Mac for the obvious advantages, Intuit has yet to deliver a finished product with this version. The new Backup Restore process is unnecessarily cumbersome and the product help does not address it or provide any direction though it is totally different from previous versions. To figure it out , one needs to Google and search for a solution- (There are directions provided separately if you double click on the backed up file but of course you would not know this until you figure it out accidentally) This is totally amateurish and we expect better from Intuit, maybe some intuition...

  • Jason - Came back for more from Weathertech!

    I had these in my previous vehicle and loved them so much I came back for another set with my new vehicle. These are great floor liners, they actually create a bit of a "cup" so any liquids, sand, pretty much anything stays put in the floor liner. They have a softer rubber feel, so plenty comfortable in bare feet considering the durability they have.

  • Amanda Hale - so happy

    This was one of the reasons I'm happy to have a kindle. I'm able to watch movies and tv episodes easily while on the go.

  • eric roberts - Broke after 8 weeks

    Reasonably good waffles (only on highest setting) for 8 weeks, then heating element broke. Two weeks beyond Amazon return policy.

  • Amazon Customer - This is a great study tool!!!!

    I think that every first year nursing student should get this book!!!! It will really help you break down the questions in the exam and also help with any test anxiety!!! It helps to take out the guess work in testing and lay it all out so that you know what to look for while testing. GOOD LUCK!!!!