Coastal Skydivers - Coastal Skydivers - Try our extreme parachute adventures - Skydive tandem and freefall over Port Macquarie which is located on the mid north coast of NSW. The magic of your first skydive is an experience you will never forget.

  • Skydiving Courses - Learn to skydive with Coastal Skydivers. We offer skydiving courses with qualified instructors in Newcastle & Taree.
  • About Coastal Skydiving - Coastal Skydivers offers skydiving training & courses taking off from the Port Macquarie Airport on the mid north coast.

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    City: -87.6517 Illinois, United States

  • Jessicab - Can you handle the truth?

    Nothing but truth here.....can you handle it? Mr. King has done a superb job covering history and showing us what Really happened. I cannot recommend this book enough!


    Bought for hemorrhoids based on some rave reviews. Must have been posted by employees. I had been using Annusol Plus and will go back to using it. That cream is a better and FAR FAR less expensive choice. Based on my experience with Emuaid you would be well advised to keep some hard earned money in your own pocket, and follow my advice.

  • B. BAUER - Outstanding treadmill for the $$$

    I bought this right after Thanksgiving and figured with the holiday shipping, that it would take a few weeks. I was contacted almost immediately and delivery was next day (didn't request expedited shipping either). I read all the reviews and did extensive research on all models in this price point and settled on the F80.

  • Amazon Customer - Best iPhone 7 Plus case ever (not bulky)

    Just got my supcase today and it's the best case ever. I didn't want to cover up my new iPhones 7 plus in black like so many cases do. This is one shows the beauty of the phone with great protection with none of the bulk. Great purchase!!!!

  • luis llamas - Once built, it rocks...

    We got this toy from the bzzz campaign. I had my 13 year old attempt to assemble it. An hour later, we had to help. We spent a a few minutes getting it back to base and went from there. We were able to complete the assembly in a little under an hour but boy was it interesting. The instructions require more work than the actual assembly. The pictures are accurate so we went with those. Once assembled, the kids are able to program it to do things and to recognize voice commands. They had fun with the questions, and programs they could perform. They played with it for a good while and then it just sat there, lonely. I believe younger kids will have a blast with it, but my kids lost interest. Maybe they will pick it up again...

  • Michael Harris - Album of the Year

    Amazing Album all the way threw!! It has a sweet melody to it,but has standout tracks that hit hard. The lyricism is top notch!! A hip hop album which address issues aswell as goes to topics some won't talk on!! Hip Hop Album of the year hands down! Get yours today!