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  • karmar - Info from the Vitanica company on this product

    I emailed the Vitanica company about this product as I wanted to buy it directly from their online store. It was not listed in their products so I asked about it. This was their response:

  • Spencer - Awesome

    Awesome product. Super fast shipping. Very happy with product. Bright lights quality display intermittent turn signals work awesome overall great product

  • Just trying to help - It's a cup holder

    it's a cup holder. not much to say about it - it holds the Ibex tumbler just as it should, the handle grip is comfortable. My only wish is that i could fit the tumbler into the cup holder in my car without having to take the handle off - but that's just me. Otherwise, the handle is fine

  • Desiree Rogers - This is awesone

    So if your child is getting prepped for college this book is a must, it has practice tests and helps in assist in the weak areas of preparing for the ACT what a deal some classes cost over 150.00 dollars so my daughter loves this

  • Kimberly J. Wettlaufer - Best Program Around!

    I have been researching my family history for over 30 years and when I got this program it opened many doors to family that I never knew existed!

  • Drew D. - What are they charging for this? It should be ...

    What are they charging for this? It should be free. The parents need to know the rules and this was developed with tax payer funds!!

  • Charles R - amazing

    This is a great essential oil. With my experience with essential oils this is also a high quality one. I personally love the smell of Frankincense. This oil is very potent and smells very strong, but that is a good thing. This oil will last a long time because you really only need a few drops. You can add this to a base oil and leave the scent all Frankincense, or you can mix it with other essential oils and make a custom fragrance that you can wear like a perfume. You can also add this to lotion that is unscented. I also have made soap in the past and candles, essential oils work great to scent that stuff also. I received a discount on this Frankincense essential oils purchase in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I recommend this product because it seems high quality, with a potent smell that lasts a long time. It is potent enough to where you only need a few drops so this oil will last a very long time.