Alternative natural therapies in South Africa, RSA, Botswana - There is no incurable diseases- only people who think they are incurable.Alternative therapies. Cure for HIV / Aid, Cacer, Ms and hudreds other deseases. In pretoria and JHB South Africa

  • Free online health Consultation naturophaty: Doctor B. Ash - Free online consultation on natural medicine, Do you want to save a trip to Mexico other countries that alternative practitioners are allowed to work out of restriction of FDA? Guardian Angel natural clinic
  • Dr Clark's and Beck's Zapper in South Africa - There are at least three well known pioneers in the field of Electro medicine Rife, Dr. Robert C. (Bob) Beck and Dr Hulda Clark. The principle behind Clark’s Zapper is resonance. Theoretically by exposing a micro organism to its resonant frequency you will make it burst. plus Free online consultation using natural medicine
  • Magnetic Therapy in pretoria , JHB, South Africa RSA - Magnetic energy therapy in South Africa. loss og magnetisem in the body causes: Chronic fatigue Numbness Various forms of neuralgia Vertigo (dizziness), ringing in ears Loss of appetite Insomnia Constipation Headache Stress Shoulder, low back, wrist, elbow, knee pain
  • Mineral Deficiencies in South Africa - Mineral deficiencies cause many health problems.Here are a list of health problem and Mineral deficiencies Free online consultation using natural medicine in South Africa RSA JHB Pretoria Durban Cape Town
  • Human Growth Hormone - HGH in South Africa RSA - HGH Guardian. Herbal supplement to reverse the aging process. In South Africa.
  • Heart & Cholesterol, South Africa RSA - Natural, Herbal and mineral supplement to decrease bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. Free online consultation using natural medicine
  • cure, herbal anti parasite in South Africa - Angel's Choice is a natural wide spectrum anti Parasites Unfortunately, medical testing procedures only catch about 20% of the actual cases of parasites. There are over a 1,000 species of parasites that can live in your body; tests are available for only approximately 40 to 50 types.
  • G7 , Gingko biloba, Grape seed extracts in South Africa - Collection of Anti oxidants like Gingko biloba, Grape seed extract, Ginko, Vitamins and essential trace minerals now avalible in South Africa. Free online consultation using natural medicine
  • V-Power Erotica, v power, herbal viagra, natural male stimulant in South Africa. - Herbal Sexual Breakthrough!! Nature has produced some of the most potentially exciting substances for supporting human performance, brain function and sexual libido. The herb's in V-Power have been used for many years in ancient cultures to maintain vitality. We have combined ancient medicinals with cutting edge western technology. multiple orgasms for eveyone!
  • Linseed or Flaxseed oil in South Africa RSA JHB - Linseed or flaxseed oil, an effective Omega-3 cardio-protective of vegetable origin - flaxseed oil JHB, Pretoria, South Africa, RSA
  • Arthritis, Joints and Bone Guardian, in south africa - Arthritis Guardian™ is designed to work within the cartilage matrix. Each nutrient in this remarkable formula is included because of its unique properties in treating specific forms of arthritis or damaged joints. Free online consultation using natural medicine
  • Kombucha tea scoby in South Africa RSA - Tonic of Kombucha tea and its use for Immune system, Artrises, Cancer, rejuvination, and more. Scoby, Made in South Africa JHB RSA
  • Sinus Magic for sinus problem in South Africa RSA, Pretoria, JHB, Durban Cape Town - Sinus Magic, to dry the sinuses within a few days. Also many other products that cleanes liver to remove the cause of allergy.A homeopathic drop, Free online consultation using natural medicine
  • Immune Care in South Africa RSA, Free online consultation using natural medicine - Collection of Sterols and Sterolins (Beta sitosterol) found in many plants including in African potato (Hypoxis). Have amazing effects on Arthritis, bone caring, Prostate cancer South Africa, RSA , JHB, Pretoria,Free online consultation using natural medicine Durban , Cape town.
  • MSM Guardian in South Africa, JHB, Pretoria - Effects of MSM on organs, tissue and systems are going to help everything and improve blood circulation. Distibuted in JHB, Pretoria, Capetown.
  • collidal silver in South Africa RSA Free online consultation using natural medicin - Collidal Silver has been proven effective against over 650 different infectious diseases.Free online consultation using natural medicin
  • Potasium, Sodium, Magnasium salt - High-potassium, low-sodium diet can protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease Most Americans have a potassium-to-sodium (K:Na) ratio of less than 1:2. This 1:2 ratio means most people ingest twice as much sodium as potassium.
  • Ginseng Gold in South Africa - Ginseng root webstore, featuring free information on the history and use of ginseng, frequently asked questions, health info, and more. Fully secure online ordering, all major credit cards accepted.
  • Slim Magic, the safest weight loss and slimming product in South Africa. - Slim Magic. Herbal supplement for slimming avalible now. This product removes craving and has no side effect, Free online consultation using natural medicine
  • Liver & bowl cleansing to cure Alergies, south Africa - 1) Tension, 4) Indigestion, 7) Nervousness, 10) Overweight, 13) Insomnia, 16) Swelling of the legs, 2) Fatigue, 5) Headaches, 8) Nausea, 11) Craving for food 14) Bad breath,  17) Asthma, 20) Loss of concentration, 23) Haemorrhoids, 26) Abdominal discomfort 19) Loss of memory 22) Lack of sexual response 25) Skin problems,
  • Detox Program in South Africa RSA - Do you want a real cure? Natural weight loss, Increase energy level, get rid of water retention, clear blocked sinuses, Restore kidney and liver function, Boost your immune system, clear head, fell more relaxed, Less stress, improve complexion, No cellulite, Improve your circulation, Slow down aging process, Improve fertility, Cleansing of the body from toxins.
  • Hypoxis - African Potato in south Africa - Traditional African herbal medicines to improve immune system. Free online consultation using natural medicine

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  • Ghleehanna - I'm so glad I exchanged this one for the other one I ...

    I'm so glad I exchanged this one for the other one I had purchased the other Grail the metal one but it didn't have a little clip on it where you could put onto the side of your purse so you had to actually put it into your purse which I don't like that or you had to hold on to it and then lose it and drop it and then wish that wasn't good so I like this one because I can put a key clip on it and cook it to my person that I don't lose it and I don't believe it places because it's actually clipped onto me I just wish they made it instead of out of plastic out of metal like the other one but the other one didn't have a clip on it so that was the one bad thing with this product

  • Christopher R. Disdero - ... it fits my iPad Pro 12" perfectly and it's easy to put in/take out

    Very high quality build plus it fits my iPad Pro 12" perfectly and it's easy to put in/take out. I also like the integrated Apple Pencil holder.

  • Georgia - Very drying but works magic on my fine hair

    I only recommend this product to those having seriously oily hairs if you want to use it daily. In general, this is not the daily shampoo to use cuz' it makes my hair way to dry (though admittedly very voluminous). However, if using this one alternatively with a gentler shampoo, it will make the perfect combo.

  • T.N. - Great Excel manual for all levels

    This Excel manual is the best of the bunch I've purchased to date (including the Excel Bible). Easy to read book that is well organized and has plenty of illustrations to demonstrate the many facets of Excel. I've been using Excel for years and I essentially doubled my knowledge of Excel by reading this book. Great buy and a keeper for future reference.

  • David Parker - Do your research, don't fall for this!

    I live in Memphis TN, and used to work for JuicePlus which is headquartered here. Rest assured it is a a scam! Just eat natural foods and save your money. Don't get sucked into the pyramid scheme.