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  • S Ghartey - Light, stylish

    Excellent design. Lightweight. Easy to use. Baby seems comfortable. We needed something lighter than the Cruz to leave in the car.

  • AHernandez - Mediocre iphone

    Honestly I'm disappointed... I can't believe I paid $800 + for this.. It's just not worth it.. This should be no more than $500 the most. IPhones are way overrated and overpriced.. Anyway I returned the phone.

  • A Piatt - Excellent.

    Lucas had done an amazing job on my leaky valve-cover gaskets. On a Land Rover Discovery much equipment has to come off to replace them or even tighten the covers. 1 quart of this stuff and my covers have stopped leaking oil onto my exhaust manifold. Nice not worrying if my engine is going to catch fire...

  • One of the Duped - Best floss ever!

    I LOVE Cocofloss! 'm a dedicated daily flosser, but my hygienist noted that my gums were declining towards the back of my mouth at a recent visit. I was floored since I thought I was doing a good job. She asked me what type of floss I was using, and when I said Glide, she told me that she had noticed similar issues with other patients who were Glide users. So, I had to change my floss. I tried a few, but never loved any.

  • R. Morits - Good program

    Very easy to get started, Gambrels are little hard to do but otherwise very good program with a lot of helpful features

  • Linda P. Demby - All around Fun

    Excellent exercise tool. I brought the video for my granddaughter who liked the range of songs (from old to new) and she and her parents actually compete to see who geys the highest scores. It truly was a successful and fun gift.

  • E. Petil - Plastic Dome is proned to cracking.

    This oven has a clear dome plastic. Such material is prone to cracking. I bought one and not too long after that a 6 inch crack appeared from the bottom to the top. I also noticed a 3/4 inch crack at the neck where the heating element sits. These plastic cracks just appear on its own. I could have bought a cheaper brand with glass dome that would last if handle carefully. At least I would blame myself for mishandling.