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  • City Computer - Outstanding Value and Quality Display

    This is by far the nicest desktop monitor I have owned. Everything about it is high quality, especially given the price. It's not truly "bezel-less" but as far as quality of image and quality of design it's excellent.

  • Crunchiemommie - Best vacuum I've ever owned

    I bought this for my grandmother. I have the same one and have had it for 5 years. I clean it yearly. I love how every piece of the vacuum comes apart down to the motor and it is all washable. I replace the filters when they get beyond washing. This vacuum still works as well as it did when I bought it.

  • nyterae - A great read

    I loved this show when it was on and I still watch some of the reruns on the TV. This book is very informative on how they met and loved and fought and stayed together for the sack of the show and the kids. it is a easy read I got it for my Kindle fire for free with my amazon prime account. I recommend this to all who love the I Love Lucy Show and the people themselves/

  • Amazon Customer - I have 5 year old laminate floors and they look great.

    I don't understand the negative posts about this product. I had all the posted problems after applying another product (orange glo). It absolutely made a mess of my floors, I tried everything to clean and remove the mess. Then I tried Rejuvenate cleaner. It went on with ease and shines bright. It has been months since then and all I have to do is dry mop with terri cloth mop head. I have 5 year old laminate floors and they look great.

  • Nance_Pants - Good Quality Oil That Helps With Stress Relief

    I am such an avid essential oil user and am a firm believer in its abilities to naturally prevent some of the basic ailments (i.e. headaches, muscle aches, etc.). I've heard that Frankincense oil is wonderful for stress relief, and with the job that I have, stress relief at the end of the day is a necessity. I have an electronic oil diffuser that I use for when I need a lift both emotionally and mentally. With all of the essential oils that I've tried out, I've learned that a quality produced one not only smells better, but it also provides better results. With that in mind, and after learning about the benefits of Frankincense oil, I was hoping to be able to get my hands on one that would provide me with the stress relief and general mind-easing effect that I was looking for. The first night I used this, I decided to put a few drops into my oil diffuser in the bathroom so that I can bask in it while I took a shower. The scent of this is very strong from the bottle, but coming out of the diffuser in its fine, misty form, there was a nice citrusy and woodsie scent that engulfed the bathroom. That paired with the hot steam from the shower somehow did wonders in easing my mind. I turned off the diffuser at the end of the shower and let the scent linger. I loved that the scent was strong enough to linger in the air yet soft enough to help me relax. I have to say, and this is completely from experience from using it, that this bottle of Frankincense oil is top notch. It'll last a long time considering I only put about 4 drops into the diffuser and the aroma was strong enough. This is a highly recommended product from me. If you're looking for a quick pick-me-up and you enjoy a bit of a woodsy/citrusy scent, this particular brand is the go-to.

  • Michael - Instant boost just when I need it

    This is a top not product the qualiaty is second to none, I can tell the company put some time caring and effort into the design and materials used for

  • Nicola_1202 - The blurb for Seducing the Marquess sounded great...

    ...Lord Devon and his wife Lady Eugenia are newly married, it's a marriage of convenience rather than one of love despite that not being what either craves, and when Eugenia finds the 19th Century version of The Joy of Sex she embarks on a sexual quest in making Devon fall in love with her.