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  • Debra - The characters in this book really come alive and I ...

    The characters in this book really come alive and I found myself in the room, or on the fields, or in the palaces & prisons with them.

  • Amazon Customer - This is a great stater kit for a new comer like me

    This is a great stater kit for a new comer like me, everything came well packaged and shipping was fast, the compressor us very quiet and seems to be working good so far but the reason why I give it a 4 stars is because the description says it's included 12 bottles of 2oz paint and I received 12 bottles of 1 oz paint besides that everything came as described.

  • Nadia - Not what it says it's supposed to do.

    Unfortunately, I don't think these work. I've been using these for quite some time and have been ordering them regularly in hopes that it will "eventually kick in", but after a year of taking them, it doesn't seem to do much of anything. "Slim" in the name is very deceiving because realistically, you're not going to lose weight from this product.

  • Yna&Roro - Is a low quality, altered shea butter

    I buy skin care products only if I know and trust the brand but this time, because of so many good reviews I just bought it without checking it. Bad choice because when I decided to google the brand, I was incredibly disappointed: just an Amazon brand with no history, no online presence that focuses on selling as much as possible a cheap, low-quality product. I wanted to check more details about the organic approach, their organic ingredients, the sources for their ingredients, the FDA approvals and how legit was everything that they were saying but no luck. As I was saying, just an Amazon brand with no real history, no presentation page, no ingredient page, not even a real address.

  • xddevv - its ok

    Good basic modem/router AIO setup. There is one flaw that cant me from keeping it. The SBG6580 is dual band, just not instantaneous dual band. So if you want to use 5 GHZ band, make sure all of your devices are 5 GHZ compatible. It does not have both band simultaneously so youll need to select only 1.

  • Bixby Reader - Many great stories; others not so good

    Many stories are great, but I just couldn't get through a few and had to skip them. Perhaps I don't understand the bigger picture (?)

  • There's no I in Team (but there is ME)! - smells AMAZING, and I love that it's biodegradable

    Lathers gorgeously without the dreaded sulfates, smells AMAZING, and I love that it's biodegradable, so I can wash the big dogs outside and not hurt the lawn.