Delores Macksoud M.D. PA located in Miami,FL - Dr. Delores Macksoud is a trusted and well-known neurologist in Miami, Florida. Her expertise includes diagnosing, treating, and managing neurological conditions.

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  • Beach - The Best Investment!

    I have not purchased a nice coat in a while so I though it was about time. I live in a temperate coastal place so this is the perfect winter coat for me! So far it is light, warm and cool. People come up to me and tell me they love the color too! It is the new purple color, by the way.

  • William - Four Stars

    Worked as expected, but all said, it's probably quicker/easier to shave. Hair grows back just as fast.

  • RedChloe - Effective.

    My little black cat is so very allergic to fleas that she is a kind of a "canary in the mine" for fleas. We had been using drops (the ones that used to be prescription, but are now OTC) for several years with enough success that she only got a few itchy bumps, and the other cats were OK. Of course they HATED the drops. Last spring we moved, and I had no idea how many flea eggs were hiding in the backyard mulch until the little canary cat's fur abruptly started falling out from all the flea bites. This despite the drops. Changed drops. After treating the yard and house, and steaming the house, thrice, the problem was lessened but by no means gone. So when it was time for more drops (the ones that are still prescription this time), I got these collars instead. The cats were surprisingly calm about the collars, and accepted them with no issues. No more fleas. period. No more itchy bumps at all. I am replacing them now at 6 months (instead of 8) just to be on the safe side, but have not found any more fleas on the cats since getting Seresto collars. None. With wildlife and all, the yard has to be treated regularly, but still not one flea on my allergic cat. Not a speck of flea dirt on any of their beds. My oldest cat is 16. The largest is 18 lbs. The little allergic one is 6 lbs. None of them have shown the least bad reaction to the collars. Also, long run, the collars cost less than the drops.

  • AmazonCustomer - Not A Good Value

    This is one of those "you get less than what you pay for" socket sets. The case doesn't hold the sockets in place when closed, and the ratchet wrench has very loose mechanism - hard to turn knob, then easy to turn next try - not great construction. It is a good emergency socket set. For frequent use or when it has to work every time - pass this set. The good thing is it has very small sized sockets that you don't find in other sets.

  • ClarkB - I fell in love with this treatment

    There are literally hundreds of "hair loss products" on the market today like androgen blockers (Rogaine, etc.) Unfortunately, they are all chemically-synthesized products and have a lot of side effects. Moreover, discontinue of these products leads to the same problem - hair loss. I was eagerly looking for a product which would contain only natural ingredients and would be very efficient at the same time. I tried many different products, expensive and not expensive one. My new great hairdresser recommended this to me. I fell in love with this treatment. It not only improves the appearance of your hair (they became softer and shiny), but has the significant ability to stimulate new hair growth. After just first few applications, I noticed a difference. My hair stopped falling out as it was before and I see lots of baby-hair growing like crazy! One bottle goes a long way because you need only a few drops in each section of your hair. I was provided a sample for free to review and and share my unbiased opinion, I am not affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just a regular Amazon customer who shops a lot on Amazon and enjoys sharing my experiences with others so that they can make an informative buying decision.

  • Shopdaddy - Returned it.

    I returned it after few days of trying it out. It did not connect to different channel from Kodi. Maybe I needed a faster internet connection but it was not consistently connecting. Maybe I'll try it in the future when I get faster internet to see if that was the issue.

  • Catherine A. McClarey - Comfort for tired wrists, without the "wrist rest bump"!

    I had been using a bean-bag-style wrist rest in combination with a regular mouse pad, which was comfortable, but . . . the "bean bag" kept falling off my computer desk, and I felt constrained in my mouse movements. The HandStands Memory Foam Ergo-Mat has just enough of a slope from the front up to the back that it supports my wrist at a more-or-less neutral position, yet is all one smooth surface, without a distinctive "wrist rest bump" to restrict one's mousing. The mousing surface is plain but functional, and does not cause any noticeable drag for the mouse. (If you absolutely must have a pretty picture on your mouse pad, you could always put a sticker or decal on top of this; I won't be doing that, however.) Great design; it's a keeper!