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  • SOfrom KS - Great Historical Fiction.

    What a surprise that so much of this book was truly historical. Good, complex characters. The kind of book I will eventually re-read.

  • San Diego Dad - Terrible all day aftertaste

    I tried this product out for a couple weeks. It seemed fine, my breath didn't seem bad, and the rinse left my mouth feeling fresh. Then out of the blue, I use it at night, and wake up with the most terrible taste in my mouth. I thought something was wrong with my morning coffee the flavor was so off. After I ate, I noticed my mouth still tasted like some off shoot of this rinse. It lasted about a day before it subsided. It was certainly the rinse that caused the issue, but I have no idea why it happened randomly a number of uses. I just can't risk having that happen again, so I'm done with this rinse. Sounds like it works for at least some people, could be body chemistry.

  • Robert Abel - I loved the hive mother scenes I'm sure you will too

    A worthy sequel to the 1996 blockbuster, similar, but yet different. The story tells of what happened after the events depicted in the first film by about twenty years. Some of the original charactors are back, not all, and now they face the full might of the alien hordes. That they succeed says much for our literally uncrushable spirit and determination. Spoiler alert, I loved the hive mother scenes I'm sure you will too. I do recommend this film- it's a good one for family viewing.

  • rvangossen - Great affordable beginner bike

    Had great price and great reviews so I choose it over other brand around the same price. I love this bike!