Clontarf Driving School |Temple School of Motoring - Temple School of Motoring (TSM) has been providing driving tuition since 1986. We are probably the only driving school that was not motivated by financial gain at its inception. All our instructors are trained by Donald Moxham, the founder, and hand-picked to ensure the highest standards of tuition and that they all ‘sing from the same song sheet’.

  • Driving School | Donald Moxham | Clontarf - Donald Moxham qualified as a second level teacher in 1967 and taught in Mount Temple Comprehensive School until 1997.
  • Driving Instructors Clontarf | Learn to drive - Temple School of Motoring offer the best of instructors, hand picked by founder Donald Moxham.
  • Driving Instructor | Clontarf | Driving Lessons - All professions include members who are excellent, very good, good and those who are average or below.
  • Advanced | Driver Training | Clontarf | Driving Lessons - Most people who have passed the learner test receive no further training even though the demands made on drivers have changed dramatically in recent years.
  • Dirving Lessons | Test Tips | Driving Test | Clontarf - Safe, competent, smooth driving with good and accurate observation. Proper timing and use of all mirrors. Put another way, the tester is looking for 'cop on'
  • A potted history | Driving School | Clontarf - Temple School of Motoring has evolved since 1986 when it was started by Donald Moxham who was a teacher in Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Clontarf

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    If you were hoping that Joanne would be a return of She-Of-The-Meat-Dress then you’re going to be disappointed. However, neither is this a continuation of her bizarre posturing for the confidence of record-buying seniors. Instead, the impression which Joanne evokes is one of the person behind the persona. Glimpses of this have been caught before on tracks like Speechless and Dope but they’ve more often than not been lost among the confetti. On Joanne there’s no place to hide; she’s placed the parts of herself that casual fans overlook, confrontationally, in the centre.

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  • cielsaphir - Top 10 under $1000

    I bought this bike as a surprise for my fiance, who bikes everyday but refuses to spend the money on a fancy bike. He was not immediately sold on the bike but was touched by the gesture so decided to keep it. He ended up falling in love with it. The difference between his old 26'er and this 29'er are night and day. He rides in New Mexico and it is just perfect for the terrain. He actually even loves the factory seat that came with it. His only major complaint was the heavier wheel set, which he ended up banging up pretty bad and replacing with a lighter tubeless set. Great little bike for the price. If you're not into your bike brands, this one is worth every penny.

  • M. Askar - Great quality and price

    I can't say how happy I am with this bike. The price dropped around $100 since I first put this in my Cart on Amazon. The bike is a beautiful blue. Very sturdy and rides very smooth. You have to be somewhat savvy with assembling things before you can put this bike together. It requires a fair amount of skill.