Drug Abuse Treatment – Help for Addiction to Prescription Drugs and Alcohol - Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a painful battle for the addict as well as those around him or her. Uncover valuable resources to overcome substance abuse and dependency today.

  • http://www.drugabuse.net/drug-abuse/ Drug Abuse Overview – Types of Drug Abuse – Dangers of Drug Addiction - An overview of drug abuse facts, symptoms, dangers and treatment options for those addicted or the loved ones seeking help.
  • http://www.drugabuse.net/drug-addiction/ Drug Addiction – Common Types of Drug Addiction – Symptoms of Drug Abuse - Do you or someone you know need professional drug addiction treatment? Learn about your options, the process, and how to choose the right rehab center or treatment program for you.
  • http://www.drugabuse.net/facts-and-reference/ What is Drug Abuse – Facts on Drug Problems, Addiction, Abusing Drugs - There are facts about drug abuse that many people choose to ignore, basically because they either don't want to acknowledge that they have a problem or their loved one has a problem, or that there are so many so-called "drug abuse facts" out there that they deem more plausible than the actual facts.

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  • Another Customer - Questionable reviews!

    Funny...for the positive posts here, I read almost word-for-word the same reviews on other websites, but the names were different. I see too much variance in these posts to buy this product. Most people gave it a 1 star while others gave it 5 stars. Not very many reviews in the 2 - 4 star range. I think the raving reviews are over stated. 

  • Anne Burgess - I purchased this specifically for travel to Turks & Caicos ...

    I purchased this specifically for travel to Turks & Caicos. I was hoping this would work in the humid climate but my hair did not stay in place.

  • Test 1 4 U - Next time I'm trying something else.

    Disappointed. One week after I bought this it went on sale for $0 after mail in rebate at FRY's. I have to say this program required far too much user interface. I want a program that I can simply install, turn on and let it do all the work. This program seems to skip automatic updates and scans on occasion so now I have to check it daily to see if I have any scans to run.

  • J. M. Kahn - Hair Loss Concealer

    Much to my annoyance my hair is thinning. I've been looking for things to help it grow back (no luck so far), or wigs (still no luck, they either fit badly or look unrealistic or both), or things to fill in the thin spots. I've been using Joan Rivers's product (which works well, but is difficult to apply by myself in the back and it's a little messy) and while looking at another product came accross this one "caboki". I watched them apply it on their site, and was impressed and after a little more research bought it through Amazon.com. It works wonderfully and is very easy to apply. Just tilt and tap and since I can do it with one hand, I can use a mirror to see the top back of my head and apply it there too! It comes in a variety of colors. I can't recommend it enough for those who have bald patches or thinning hair. Men or women, works just as well for both. It stays on until you wash it off.

  • Randy Castro - Feels cheap

    Bought this as a best man gift and was not satisfied with the appearance. It has the correctly listed dimensions but looks and feels cheap in person. Needless to say, I am not gifting this to my best man.

  • BD3112 - Emphasis on Right colleges

    I am a confirmed centrist and found the tidbits of intolerance in this book more than I could stomach. I was going to donate it to the school counselor when I was finished with it, but am now dumping it in the trash so as not poison any other minds.