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  • maji - miracle product

    I have been using this product for 25 years. I started noticing hair loss around age 38. My hair looks fuller and healthier. For most women losing hair is quite depressing. There is a solution. It worked for me.

  • Fleeflee - Works but the increase in PRICE is CRAZY!!!!!

    Is the manufacter serious about this price. I have been using this product for 6 months and yes it does work. I have notice a difference but the increase in price to $99 is CRAZY!!!!Who do they think is going to buy this pills. I will not be pruchasing these pills again unless the price goes down. The last time I purchased these pills I paid $45. So the price have went to $99. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!Get a GRIP!!!!The prices have change for the last 6 months since I have been using them but I start paying from $45 to $55..I am going to research the ingredents to find a product much cheaper that will produce the same results. The manufactuer have lost a CUSTOMER with this

  • Lucas Brammer - Game Overall Review Plus some added Gameplay Reviews

    Well as you all know, theres a lot of problems with this game. Not only with the servers and not being able to save your game but with this game overall while playing it. The game has the potential to be great and even while playing it I was emersed into the world and started to fall in love with it. BUT...while building your city, the city size holds you back and makes you rely on your neighbors town for help/assistance and vise versa. Ive been playing the game for 40 hours almost and from what I can say is that if you dont have someone willing to play like a true gamer or just someone that wants to enjoy the game and build their cities up, then your city will be crippled by them not playing. I mean sure your not completely down, your just relying on yourself the whole time to build up your city and thats what I wanted all along but this game wasnt built like that. But by not having them by you playing makes it where you cant be at your true potential. The find games is completely flawed, theres a lot of problems with it. The only way I found a city to join was because someone had abandoned their city after they ran it into the ground with massive debt. After I claimed the city the game would not let me start over from scratch. I just simply had to pick up from where the last guy left off and fix all his problems. The thing I dont get most is if this is an online game and playing with friends is encouraged over playing by yourself cause of the limitation of the city size, then why didnt they create a better system for joining games? When I look for a game I shouldnt have to worry about the game being full or starting a city thats been abandoned and just dealing with the fact that the only reason I am playing this city is because I want nothing more than to see this game at its full potential while playing with other people.

  • Jorge G - It truly is a Anabolic Halo! ONLY GAINS

    Man Amazon had such a deal, I had to buy three of these. Muscletech is the best supplement company and I'll stand by that all the time. Never had anything negative only GAINS! I work out extremely hard take this after my work out and the next morning feel amazing and want some more!!!