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  • MMagee - Amazing Stuff!

    Out here in Oklahoma we have monster spiders and various other bugs that try to take over our homes. For years we have tried to find something that worked against these pest. This stuff works great and it won't harm our pets, Tempo is the only pest control I will be using from here on out!

  • Kristin - Overcome your addiciton to Glucose and Insulin

    Read the first chapter at least several times, the information about how insulin works will change your life if you "get it". Our population is becoming more and more obese as a result of insulin resistance. As our bodies must create more insulin to deal with sugars our insulin levels can spike up to 5 times as high as a healthy person when eating the same food This high level of insulin in our blood creates an addictive cycle that only continues to feed these high levels and contribute to heart disease and diabetes.

  • R. Morgan - Back the boat up!!

    I'm very disappointed with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013. I have the 2010 edition and I love it. I finally decided to upgrade for the new data base. I read the reviews and have to agree with them. Microsoft took a BIG step backwards on this edition. If you start the two programs side by side, you would swear the 2013 edition is the older one. It looks like programing 101. Where are the colors? Blah!! It looks so mundane. I knew this from reading the other reviews and I only purchased the 2013 edition because of the low price. I plan on using my 2010 edition unless I have a problem looking up a new address.

  • Tiffany Ashley - It's okay

    It's okay. I didn't know much about psychology graduate school so I was hoping this would give me a little but of a better idea and it did a little bit. I didn't really like the layout but all the information is there. Also, and it's my fault but, the newer edition is coming out in August so I probably should have waited for the new one. You live and you learn.