Your Health Care Home : Elizabeth L. Brown, MD - Elizabeth L. Brown, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and provides general primary care medicine to adults age 18 and over. Her office is known for its short wait times and friendly service, and is currently accepting new patients with Medicare, WV Medicaid, and most commercial insurances. In addition to a full menu of medical services, she also performs a variety of aesthetic procedures including Botox, Juvederm, and Microdermabrasion, and offers personalized weight loss sessions.

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  • Gerald Wood - Go for the Elephant!

    Goodness it doesn't hardly get any better than this perfume. It's like a Christmas Holiday following you around and making you feel happy without gaining the calories. Spicy, soft and well put together and others think so too!

  • PaulWard125 - Well made. Pro Quality!

    Tons of cheap products in the photography, video accessory game. Timbuk2 is not one of those. If you want a well made bag that does shout "HEY I HAVE CAMERA EQUIPMENT IN HERE!" then this is a good solid choice. I slipped inside one of my own portfolio bags and it works great. Timbuk2 also has some nice looking outer bags you should check out. I feel good when I keep my very expensive camera bodies and lenses in solid protection. This stuff makes me feel good.

  • Marilyn G. - bad skin problem

    soon after taking this product, I got these bumps on my face that erupted through skin.... I believe the pills were causing clusters of hair to grow under my skin and form cysts.... my face was covered in them including my earlobes!! I had to extract this hard crap out of sore or it wouldn't close up and when it did, it left deep scars and each sore took over 5 months to clean out!! I took this product for over a year and when I stopped taking it, I stopped getting the sores but my face is left with scars all over it that may require plastic surgery to in process of taking legal action against them!!

  • Matthew - Picture is not what u get.

    It's an excellent product and I am very happy with it, but the seller should update the 3d image of the product as the sides are slightly different. I love the case. My friend broke my last case and forced me to buy and new one. I really want to thank him for breaking it because I actually love this one so much better. :)

  • ryan - Diet and exercise results are amazing!!!

    This product is amazing. If you use the right diet and exercise.. I was 404lbs and went down to about 315lbs (not using the product) but I hit a plateau and was stuck with the same weight for about 2 months. I am 5' 10" male As soon as I started taking hardcore my energy in the gym was outstanding using the right diet you will see amazing results. In 2 weeks I went from 315 to 305.9 and still going. I eat about 1900 calories a day low fat low carb and high protein, I go to the gym 6 days a week for about 1 1/2 hours doing high intensity strength training and cardio work outs. If you need any help or tips here is my email [email protected] (don't make fun it was an email account when I was 12 lol)

  • Patrick Roche - Laughed so hard got a headache!

    Never ever had I laughed so hard. This stuff reeks! My 2 favorites are "it smells like dog crap and dirty diapers". I work at a moving company with 3 warehouses so the confined spaces i have to play with are endless. Sprayed 2 pumps in the back of a box truck while 2 coworkers were unloading it. The faces they made were priceless as they were ignoring which one of them it could be as they went in and out of the truck. Finally one of them said do you smell dog crap? The other guy says "i was gonna say something but i didnt want to embarass you". For an hour i had this guy thinking someone packed a box filled with crap. Every ten minutes when it wore off i gave a fresh spray. He would say "there it is again dog crap. Its coming in waves". My buddy told him it must be him and he imediately tore off his shirt and sweatshirt, shoes, socks and smelled them. It smells so bad that it brings out the detective in anyone to find where its coming from. Like other reviewers said sometimes it gets on your finger but water takes it right off if soap isnt around. Awesome stuff. Endless laughs!