How to Treat Ringworm? How to Get Rid of Ringworm Safe & Quick! - Ringworm Treatment: Groundbreaking and highly effective way to get rid of ringworm quick, safe and without the use of dangerous creams!

  • Ringworm Symptoms And Treatment - Ringworm is known as a common skin infection that affects both humans and animals. Most notably, this infection affects cats, who are seen as the most common
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  • Zaphod Beeblebrox - Rock on!

    I got this during one of Amazon's deal of the day promotions for 40 bucks. I've used it a couple times and can see how it can help a person learn the guitar. I'm not patient enough, so I haven't made any progress with it, but eventually, hopefully I can sit down and focus. Either way, it's been proven to work, so even at the $60 price tag, it is worth it if you're dedicated to actually wanting to learn how to play.

  • E. Munson - Best hauler I've come across

    I have been hauling my 3 and 6 year old around for the past couple of years on almost daily rides up to 30 miles and found this is a great alternative to the traditional upright bike trailers. I also like the fact that this one somewhat mimics the passive haulers they grew up riding in. This means I can ride longer without fear of them getting distracted or falling asleep and then falling off. Great design the kids are strapped in to include their feet. It’s bigger than others that I have used but very sturdy and its lower center of gravity helps offset the movements of the little ones when you are riding. It also encourages then kids to participate and builds a what I hope will be a desire to get out on the trail with their parents as they grow up.

  • Amazon Customer - Not worth the price.

    The foil is non-stick on one side, but not as good as parchment and about the same as regular foil with cooking spray. It isn't worth the $10 per roll I paid with shipping costs for sure. The amount you get is the same as a small roll of regular foil, which can be bought for under $2. It's just not worth it.

  • Mollie G. - I am quite pleased with durability that these appear to have as well ...

    I purchased these solar garden lights to use to illuminate my front walkway. The are replacing my old ones which still work however I purchased them in black and the color has turned a grey color in just one season due to rain or sun or perhaps a combination of the two, this set comes in a stainless steel finish and looks a bit more stylist than the black did which is an added bonus. They provide the right amount of lighting, subtle without being too bright which in turn gives my home a sort of inviting feeling. I am quite pleased with durability that these appear to have as well and may well be ordering another set in the near future to replace some other of my lights. I would definitely recommend these lights!

  • Alauddin - Love love love!

    Great product, easy to use. I purchased it as a gift for my teenage son as he is a member of a film study group and he really enjoys using this product. I also purchased the accompanying tripod and together they work a treat!

  • ManuelaSeattle - Amazing for infant/ baby; not working for toddler

    We bought the 2010 model of the Uno and have absolutely loved it! It's gone everywhere. We live on a hill with a gravel road and it's held up on almost daily trips up and down. When my son was an infant we could put him in it and go all day. He could sleep when it was down flat and then could be raised up when he was awake to see things. He has slept through entire dinner parties in it. I agree that steering it when the pram faces you is difficult (big wheels in front). But frankly, I was super-happy to even have this feature. When steering was a huge issue I switched the handle. Putting the car seat in was not convenient, but living in a more urban/ walking environment we never did this anyway. If that's an important feature for you, this is probably not an ideal stroller. I haven't had a huge problem with the under-basket. I typically have had 1-2 bags of groceries underneath almost daily. I researched a long time before I bought the Uno because I only wanted to purchase one main stroller that could see us into late toddler-hood. Unfortunately, the only problem is that the seat-back does not sit completely upright. My son is now constantly slouching in the chair. It's very uncomfortable for him and he's constantly pulling himself up by the snack-tray. Now that he's a toddler we'll be selling it. But will I ever miss it!

  • Lewis McDonald - Aggravating

    No matter what I tried I coudn't get the aiming reticle to line up or calibrate with the scope. It was very frustrating.