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  • Dotty Bassett - Not A Good Project To Start when On A Deadline

    Last time I used Michosoft Publisher was in early '90's. It's changed A LOT since then. I was unable to figure out the things I needed/wanted to do. On a timeframe - wasn't good I attempted this while on a time frame. When I have more time to study it, I may like it better. Reserving final judgment until then.

  • Hillary bowers - Not what we hoped for

    This mattress is very very firmer are somewhere around 60 or 70 nights we hoped we would be happier but we continue to become less satisfied I still wake up with neck issues and my husband still wakes up with back issues. This mattress also feels very lumpy you can feel the grid in the gel top layer the problem with returning it now is it is soooo heavy and we got rid of our previous sleep number trying to store another mattress for so long became a pain unfortunately our search is still on for the right mattress I really hoped this would be it after years of searching and trying several the one positive thing about this mattress it had no chemical smell like other mattresses we had in the past

  • mimihornsby - Product works

    I have been taking this product every day for 6 months. It is very useful for keeping you system going. I do exercise and I do watch what I eat but I have found that I can control my weight easier with this product because my body doesn't hold on to waste. It's not a diet plan in itself. Nor will it work by itself. It is an aide for people who are not regular. It does have some added energy suppliment in it also which helps you get off the sofa. That helps too. Give it a month. 2 pills a day. It will take a few weeks to start working, once it does, don't stop. It will help. It's worked for me and people I have recommended it to

  • Amanda Tejada - TERRIBLE!

    This product is awful! I wasted $200 in an attempt to help my boyfriend's back problems. The only thing this product might do is lull someone to sleep, but it definitely does nothing for your back. When the product is on, it sounds like the gears are buckeling whenever you put your legs on it. I weigh less than 140 lbs and it still does it when I put my legs on the machine! Don't let the commercials fool you. It sounded too good to be true, so I went on several websites to check reviews on this thing and all I saw were bad ratings from people who had never even tried it before, however I did see some good ratings from people who did try it, so I decided to give it a shot--BIG MISTAKE! Save your money and buy a nice eurotop bed with memory foam. This thing isn't even worth a penny. I threw mine out when I moved to my new apartment, and I had only had it for a couple months! Save your money people! Don't be fooled like I was!

  • Amazon Customer - My favorite baby product!

    I LOVE this stroller. I love this stroller so much, that even though my son is now 12 weeks old and I've used the stroller nearly every day since he was born, every time I use it I find myself exclaiming, "I'm so glad we got this stroller!" Yes, it's an expensive stroller, but it's amazing!

  • Wolverine Wilks - MS Office for Mac

    Installation on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro, running 10.9.1, was very quick and easy. And I mean quick. From download to installation it only took 20 minutes. Your amazon receipt contains the key. Just copy it, and paste it after installation, since you won't be able to use your browsers during installation.

  • J. Hawaii - NOT ALL THAT

    I wanted to like this product, but in all honesty it didn't do much for my hair. It didn't feel all that clean, and it has kind of a strange smell. ...keep looking, and let me know if you find a good hair product out there =)